Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 6 recap; setting up for Week 7 and being almost halfway there!

I was sore from yesterday's long run so I didn't get a chance to post my weekly recap.  Let's see now how I did for Week 6, shall we?

Mon/Day 36 - Rest.  SUCCESS!  As always, a rest day is a tough challenge but one I keep managing to meet.  And does that sentence even make any sense? 

Tue/Day 37 - 4 miles.  SUCCESS!  Logged 4.01 miles.  Had the extra-added bonus of watching hot firefighters play basketball while I did it too.

Wed/Day 38 - Weights.  NOPE!  As I've mentioned before, I'm going to have to cut the cross-training day from my schedule.  I just can not do four mornings at the gym in a row.  I could probably do three, but not four.  I need the extra sleep too much.

Thu/Day 39 - 5 miles.  SUCCESS!  I logged 5.01 miles and did it in just under an hour too.

Fri/Day 40 - 4 miles.  SUCCESS!  Logged 4 miles even and had the hot firefighter eye candy again.  Yummy!

Sat/Day 41 - Rest.  SUCCESS!  I had to work so it wasn't as resty as I would have liked, but there was no running or other exercise involved.  Except for full-contact dog bathing.

Sun/Day 42 - 11 miles.  SUCCESS!  I originally posted this would be 12 miles, but it was only 11 per the training schedule.  I logged 11 miles and it took me only five minutes longer to run it than the 10 miles I did last week. 

Total miles for the week:  24.03.  Holy crap!!

It was a challenge to get the runs in this week; I ended up running in the evenings two out of three of the week days.  While I'm glad I did the runs, the problem is that my carrot to get myself into the gym in the evenings to make up a run involves big, greasy hamburgers and french fries.  It is healthier for me to lose out on a little bit of sleep and go run in the mornings.  I'm definitely feeling the bad burger decisions in my tummy.  Saturday, just the idea of Burger King made me a little nauseous.  I'm going to keep that in mind this week. 

Speaking of the tummy, kind of a challenging long run yesterday.  The first mile was all about whether there was sufficient ground cover on either side of the trail in case my tummy did reach critical mass.  Thankfully it dialed back for the next couple of miles, but running a short steep downhill set everything off again and it was a close call getting to the facilities at the next trail head.  I'm so happy there were facilities though -- I was definitely eyeing every tree, shrub, and stand of tall grass by that point.  The run got much better after that.  I'm working on being mindful of hydration and fuel and I did pretty good yesterday.  I was dragging through the last mile, however; if I had been going farther it would have been time to Gu.  Since it was the last mile, I didn't but I was definitely feeling it. 

The Whitsett book said I should be feeling a lot fewer aches and pains by now as my body has become more acclimated to this running thing, and in fact it has.  I'm still a little stiff and sore today but nothing like in weeks past.  And I am very happy about that.  In the past, when I had that horrible hip pain I would have dialed things back or quit running all together until it felt better.  This time, I kept going right on through it -- although by now I need stock in Advil -- and it has finally worked itself out.  I feel a long stronger, both mentally and physically, as a consequence. 

So, this week is Week 7.  That means after this week I will be nearly halfway through my training!  It also means that the marathon will be only a couple of months away.  Yikes!

Mon/Day 43 - Rest.
Tue/Day 44 - 4 miles.
Wed/Day 45 - Rest.
Thu/Day 46 - 6 miles.
Fri/Day 47 - 4 miles.
Sat/Day 48 - Rest.
Sun/Day 49 - 12 miles.

The six miles on Thursday should be interesting.  I'll have to get up so early it won't even be o'dark thirty.  It will just be o'dark. 

Here's hoping we all have a wonderful week!

the CilleyGirl

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