Friday, February 12, 2010

A little actual running content for the day (if you insist).

Or perhaps I just want a place to whine ;)

Skipped my three miler this morning because when the alarm went off at o'dark thirty I was feeling pretty ragged.  We had our HVAC system at the office revamped this week, and since they turned it all back on two days ago it's been blowing out all sort of dust and dirt and mildew and mold and probably mouse droppings for all we know.  So now I probably have the hantavirus.  Or just a pretty good allergy flare up.  For the past couple of days I needed to use my inhaler in the evenings (usually I only need it before running in the cold) and have been coughing.  This morning my nose was all red and puffy and my eyes were itchy and sticky.  I looked like a zombie W.C. Fields (pinkeye!!).  I also sneezed all over the inside of my refrigerator.  Luckily I'm the only one at home exposed to my germs. 

Tomorrow I'm planning to make up the weights workouts I missed this week, and hopefully throw in my three miler as well.  Then Sunday it's the 8K race plus five more miles somewhere.  The Sunday long run is stressing me out just a tad.  Not the ten miles of it all, but trying to get the extra five miles in.  It is supposed to rain this weekend.  Maybe I'll just head to the gym after my race and do the last five miles indoors and dry. 

That may just be a plan.  In the interim, I think pizza for dinner followed by a NyQuil night seems called for.  Never let them tell you that clean air is overrated!

the CilleyGirl

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