Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 37 redux: Stupid motivation.

As you might have seen from the dailymile widget over there on the side, I went to the gym last night to do the four miles I had skipped that morning.  Stupid motivation. 

The run felt fairly ragged, although I wasn't all that much slower than normal.  It may have been from the extra-added bonus/reward I got from the run:  watching a group of hot Portland firefighters playing basketball.  I may have unconsciously slowed down each time I passed the basketball courts.  Yummy!  (Also cracked me up that over the span of about 15 minutes three fire engines went past the gym with all their lights on.  Guys kept on playing though.  I wanted to stop and ask them if perhaps they might need to be elsewhere?)

Then again, it was probably more to the screaming pain in my lower body I felt throughout most of the run.   The hip was actually okay for a change but my low back continued to be very stiff and my legs were just one big cramp.  Then, the leg cramps started to fade and my low back began to loosen up -- I'd been hoping the run would help my back to move around a bit and unlock.  What I hadn't been hoping was that it would unlock in the worse possible position; right against a nerve.  Ouch!  Every step on my left leg felt like I was being stabbed with a knife, which then radiated down my leg.  After a very short time of that, I had to pull over and sit down to try to get it to slip back into place.  Thankfully, it did, and everything feels so much better today.  First time I've been able to sit (nearly) pain-free in more than a week. 

All of this should have boded well to make my weights workout this morning.  But it didn't.  No matter how lovely it was to watch the pretty pretty firefighters, I was starving so Burger King it was.  Eating that late (nearly 9:00 p.m. by the time I finished) left me with an extremely grumbly tummy around two in the morning and it's still not entirely happy with me.  So, no weights for me.

Checking my work schedule, it's time to start coming in on the weekend again for a few hours so I'm thinking I may end up chucking the weights all together from my training.  It's been the hardest day for me to make, and mentally that is wearing on me.  If I have to work six days a week for several weeks, I will need that extra sleep, particularly as the mileage really starts to climb. 

It is beautiful here today in Cilleyland.  It's a tad chilly, but sunny with blue skies.  I hope the weather holds for Sunday's long run! 

the CilleyGirl.


  1. Just wanted to say a quick hello! I hope that you have a wonderful day!

  2. I only got to the 'hot Portland firefighters' and felt the urge to comment... ;o) I'll go back and read the rest of the post now!

  3. I am running tonight after work and sincerely hoping that the hot firefighters are back too!