Friday, February 19, 2010

I think it's Day 40... I do know it's Friday!!

Swamped beyond belief at work right now, so just a quick check in.  I ran my five miles yesterday morning, only took about three minutes at o'dark thirty to convince myself to go.  Yay me!  The run was a little ragged again and I think it is an issue with my pre-run fueling.  My usual is a 100-calorie granola bar.  In the past, that's been good for me but I think as my "short" runs are no longer so short and the weekly mileage is adding up that that is no longer adequate fuel for me.  So now I need to figure out an alternative that works both in terms of fuel and tummy.  I'm going to try Gu or Clif Shot Bloks for a few days, then try a Clif bar for a few days as well.  The main issue with pre-run fuel is that for almost all runs we're talking a pre-run time of 30 minutes max.  On average, it is about 15 minutes before I run.  I've also been extra thirsty on runs the past couple of weeks as well.  Again, ideally I'd hydrate an hour or so before as the experts suggest, but I just don't have that kind of lead time. 

The hip is slowly getting better.  I'm hoping that means it is getting stronger and that that was the problem all along, rather than I'm getting a stress fracture in my hip or some such nightmare. 

Okay, back to work.  Almost forgot -- I goofed on what I thought my training plan was for the week, my Sunday long run is only (ha!  "only"!!) 11 miles rather than the 12 I thought it was.  So now I'm all mentally prepared for next week as well, yes?

Have a wonderful weekend, my cilley fwends.  I'm doing full contact dog bathing tomorrow and maybe putting in some hours at work so I may not be around until late Sunday.  Then again, if I'm at work then I should have plenty of time for blogging!

the CilleyGirl


  1. Having just started the C25k program, your running schedule makes me exhausted just thinking about it. Great job! I hope you find something that will give you the energy you need.

  2. Glad your hip is getting better... I've got pelvic problems at the moment, so I can empathise!