Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 28: I'm back!

Hello everyone!  Hope you have been having a wonderful week.  Mine was odd, although it ended well with Friday's brew crew and Saturday's trip out to the Portland Wine & Cheese Festival.  Now I'm ready to get back into it all.

First, I must say that Roger Daltrey still has one of the finest asses in rock and roll.  It's right up there with Springsteen.

Next, here is the Week 4 recap:

Mon/Day 22 - Rest.  SUCCESS!  I did absolutely nothing running related.

Tue/Day 23 - 3 miles.  SUCCESS!  Logged 3.02 miles.

Wed/Day 24 - Weights.  FAIL!  I skipped the gym. 

Thu/Day 25 - 5 miles.  FAIL!  I skipped the gym and didn't make it to work either.

Fri/Day 26 - 3 miles and weights.  FAIL!  Didn't go to the gym again. 

Sat/Day 27 - Rest.  SUCCESS!  I'm getting back into the training schedule. 

Sun/Day 28 - 8 miles.  SUCCESS!  Logged 8.03 miles.  Almost averaged under 13 minute miles.

Total mileage for the week:  11.05 miles.  Oops.

I think everything just got to me this past week.  Not doing much more other than training, work, and gym.  My dogs are sad that I'm not spending time with them.  I'm sad I'm barely home in the evenings before it's already time to go to bed.  Also sad that the scale still wasn't moving. 

But then I read the Week 4 chapter in the Whitsett book, which cautioned against setting any other goal than completing your first marathon.  In other words, you don't want to complete your marathon but still consider that you've failed if you didn't also make a weight goal.   And I talked with The Gazelle, who pointed out that marathon training will in fact be my entire life, but only until the marathon.  It all helped me to get my head back on straight.

Oh, and I'm sure since I skipped three workouts, that's why I lost nearly four pounds during Week 4.  Seriously, I started on Monday at 189.6 and yesterday I weighed 185.8.  It may have been more than a year since I was under 186.  It's like meeting men, only happens when you stop paying attention.  Of course I'll probably weigh 190 tomorrow morning!

So, on the schedule for Week 5:

Mon/Day 29 - Rest.

Tue/Day 30 - 3 miles.
Wed/Day 31 - Weights.
Thu/Day 32 - 5 miles.
Fri/Day 33 - 3 miles and weights.
Sat/Day 34 - Rest.
Sun/Day 35 - 10 miles.

A big mileage week!  Sunday I'm doing the Fanconi Anemia 8K, so I need to figure out how to add another five miles onto it.  Yes, I realize the logical thing would be to run the course twice, but I won't exactly be finishing first and they'll be closing the course down not terribly long after I finish.  I might just run back and forth along the waterfront until I hit ten miles.  If anyone knows how far it is between the Steel or Broadway bridges and the Hawthorne, leave me a comment eh?

Okey dokey, I am off to watch some more commercials.  Wish they'd quit interrupting them so frequently with this football game though. 

the CilleyGirl