Saturday, December 19, 2009

A verbose CilleyGirl

Apparently I'm awfully chatty today...  Could be the warning signs of psychosis, you never know.

I read a post today over at The Lipstick Chronicles about the Magic Browser.  Similar to the Ouija board or a Magic 8 Ball, you open your browser and you ask it a question and see what pops up.  I thought that was cute.  Then I wrote my last post and started thinking about singledom and I decided to ask my own Magic Browser:

Will I meet someone in 2010?

I decided not to be specific about gender.  I'm all about riding the train to Mantown, but I was curious to see if the Magic Browser would pick up on how I really meant that question without specifically wording it that way. 

The first thing that came up was, "Tell your child you met someone" on  I'm interpreting that as, if I meet a man in 2010 he's going to have a child.  Odds are that will be the case since I would expect a potential mate to be in his late 30s or in his 40s and hence he will not be a virgin.  So far, so good.

The second thing that came up was, "You'll never meet someone:  Five warning signs you should know" on  I laughed.  I dutifully read the warning signs and I have none of them.  For me, that translates into being ready for a relationship.  I consider that good too.

The third thing, and this was a little spooky, was, "2010 horoscope for Scorpios" on  That's spooky because I don't believe I've told my Magic Browser when my birthday is (I am a Scorpio).  It talks about wanting to reorganize certain areas of my life (which I do and plan to be doing in 2010).  Towards the very end of the article, it says -- and I quote -- "As it is you could meet someone backstage that lights up your life, especially if you're single and looking."  Alrighty then. 

The next few are some more horoscope based links, meeting someone at a social networking shindig, dating rules to meet someone new (that's actually a pretty good article), whether the 2010 Volkswagen Golf will be diesel's big winner (umm, am I going to meet someone who drives a Golf?), and -- the scariest of them all -- a link to a January 2010 birth club.  Ack!  Apparently my pregnancy is now at 33 weeks.  Sheesh, no wonder I can't lose this gut!  *snerk*

So, ask your own question of your Magic Browser and let me know what you find out!

the CilleyGirl

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