Friday, December 4, 2009

I am a doofus; poo; more poo; and, well, that's all I've got. Oh wait, Zack!

I am a doofus.  Better yet, a Doofus.  For some bizarre reason, I went to Arby's last night.  It sounded like a good idea right up until I got the food into the car.  And then, it was odd, but my first thought was "ugh, that smells gross."  Which gave me pause.  A few seconds later and it did start to smell good (I was hungry) but I was still thinking about my first reaction.  Then I started to eat.  And even odder still, it didn't taste all that good.  I thought maybe the Arby's sauce and horsey sauce were old and that's what it was.  But now I'm thinking maybe it just doesn't appeal all that much to me any more.  I thought back to Recent Fast Food Meals I Have Had.  Taco Bell:  still good, two burritos = 900 calories.  McDonald's:  still good, two mcmuffs = 900 calories (hmm, a pattern here).  Burger King:  mixed feelings, burger still good (I don't remember the calories, probably around 450), chicken fries okay, regular fries not that good.  Maybe I've lost my taste for the fried stuff?  I wouldn't mind that.  I wouldn't mind that at all. 

The only thing I truly enjoyed last night was the chocolate shake.  Hey, when I go all out I go all out; 2,132 calories when all was said and done.  (cliche much, CilleyGirl?)  I think a chocolate shake and a good burger (flame broiled) would have been perfect, and seriously less calories.  Those calories would've fit into my calorie budget. 

A lot to consider.  I've done this before, actually, eaten enough of something that it made me ill and then I avoid it for a very long time thereafter.  Aversion therapy, that's what it is.  My tummy is not happy with me today.  Actually, it wasn't happy with me in the middle of the night either.  Although that would be today, wouldn't it?  Hmm, fast food causes brain damage too!  Anyhow, the irony of all this is that I feel kind of skinny today and I'm sure that's from all of the poo that has -- oh, TMI?  Sorry.  *snerk*

I should be planning to go to the gym tomorrow to continue flushing (no pun intended... sorta) all the fat and sodium I ingested last night out of my system but I have to take CBS to the vet tomorrow morning.  The county has been sending me nastygrams because she's a tad behind on her rabies vaccination.  Hey, she's 14 1/2 and I don't let her play with bats or racoons, I think she's good.  That also means I have to groom her tonight; don't want the vet thinking I never brush my dog (I don't, really, but that's the dog's choice not mine).  She (the dog) also had some poo in one of her foot pads this morning along with bark chips.  Again, stuff that makes me look like a bad dog mom. 

I thought that was all I'd have for today -- and really, isn't poo enough to get you through your morning? -- but it is my favorite godson's 13th birthday today.  Happy birthday Zack!  I can't believe he's a teenager already.  Where does the time go?  *sigh*

the CilleyGirl

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