Monday, December 21, 2009

Chow chow chow!

Do they still do that for the Meow Mix commercials?

And what an unusual way to start a post that talks about food. 

I weighed myself this morning.  I will not tell you what I weighed because (1) it wasn't an official weigh-in day and (2) the number went up.  Bah.  (But it is close to that TOM so it was to be expected; yes, all I want for Christmas are some light flow days, some light flow days, some light flow days...)   Anyhow.  I've been pretty good in sticking to a decent calorie intake number but let's just say the quality of those calories has gone steadily downhill.  After lumbering off the scale, I decided that I would work on eating better today. 

And then I came in to the office to something a lot like this:

Yes, a dozen assorted pastries.  Brought in, of course, by the size-four person in my office.  The one where I was looking at her blazer the other day thinking about how I could maybe fit one boob in there and that would be it.   I immediately went to her office to ask if she was responsible for the evil.  I told her it would have to be on a day where I'd just vowed to eat healthy for the day, made all the more tempting by the chocolate croissants (a huge weakness for me).  She laughed in that way that size-four people do and told me I could chose not to eat it, that it was all just a matter of willpower. 

Uh huh.

So, after I hid her lifeless body (which first I pumped full of salt water so that it is now at least a size 16), I ditched my plans for oatmeal and had a chocolate croissant and a small part of an apple pastry.  About 260 calories more than I would normally have for a weekday breakfast.  I'm proud to say I also ditched the plans I had made for lunch when only oatmeal was involved, whereby I was going to have Subway for lunch.  By lunchtime I had a headache and a growly stomach (I'm sure from the carb/sugar overload) and I just didn't want to (1) wait through driving to Subway and ordering lunch and then driving back to work or (b) eat all those calories.  Instead I had a frozen lunch thingy and some grapes, for a total of 441 calories.  Now I'm only a smidge over where I would be in a normal, healthy calorie day. 

Which brings me to my grocery list.  I also had good healthy food intentions yesterday when I went grocery shopping.  As I mentioned previously, I've been eating too much sodium recently, due in large part to the frozen lunch thingies.   I decided to go back to sandwiches for lunch.  I bought 100% whole wheat bread that is 45 calories a slice.  (Here's hoping it tastes good too!)  I bought sun-dried tomato deli turkey and swiss cheese.  I bought some pickles.  My sandwiches are topped off by a honey mustard-light mayo mixture that I put together.  I've tried to go all-mustard on sandwiches but have found that it is worth the 30-50 calories of the mayo to me to add a little bit more -- I guess moisture is the best way to describe it.  Plus people need some fats in their diet.  Lunches for the rest of the week will be turkey with swiss, some carrots with a dab of lowfat yogurt-based ranch dressing, and grapes.  I always pronounce that as "grepes", with a short "e" just like how I enjoy pronouncing crepes in the same way to annoy people. 

Back to the grocery list.  To recap, last night it was all about healthy food, healthy food, healthy food.  Good job me.  This morning I realized that I hadn't gotten anything for Christmas day to eat.  You know what I will be eating for Christmas day?  Eggs benedict a la CilleyGirl.  I plan to get up some time after noon and then around 2:00 p.m. I will make eggs benedict.  I will eat it.  That will be all I eat that day, because after you have a big eggs benedict you're just not hungry before it would be time to go to bed.  So now my grocery list reads like this:

- milk
- hollandaise
- canadian bacon
- english muffins
- fake cheese slices (this is what makes it a la Cilley Girl)
- hashbrowns
- orange juice
- chili garlic sauce

The chili garlic sauce is actually for the scallops and soba noodles I'm making for dinner tonight.  If chinese food doesn't some how magically leap into my shopping cart instead.

I'm starting to understand why January 1 is such a popular day to start eating healthy.  I really suck at it on a fairly regular basis.

Hey, but no chocolate or cakes or cookies or ice cream or anything like that on this list!  Hmmm....

the CilleyGirl

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