Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy blergh!

Normally that would be "happy holidays!" but they're just so inconvenient for me now.  I'm not sure how sad I am about that, however.  The Lipstick Chronicles put up a great post today about Christmas.  I have to say, I think that I represent every category of Christmas people Elaine put up there.  I'm too busy to enjoy the holidays, because of my job (today is Day 10 of no days off!) since our biggest deadline of the year is December 31. 

The Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present?  Christmas has never been a big deal in my family, at least since I was eight.  Before that, my grandparents lived nearby and we would have Christmas dinner over there with actual family members, even after my dad split (they were his side of the family, at least his mom and brother).  After that, until I was in my 20s, still able to celebrate Christmas with my mom, we got up early to open presents.  Around age 16, my parents had to wake me up early to do it, but there you go.  We'd open presents and then I'd hide out in the living room (which we never used) to read whatever book I'd gotten as a present that morning.  Once my mom relocated six hours away and when my dad still lived nearby, I'd go over there for Christmas mid-day to open presents there, to watch movies with my dad and brother, and for dinner.   Now that my dad's moved away to Idaho near my grandparents (next door, actually), I orphan it with my friend S and her husband D.  I wake up when I wake up, and have often forgotten that it's actually Christmas.  I open my two presents, my six or so for the dogs (they're hip to the present thing now, it's pretty funy), then make myself a fabulous breakfast. 

I guess this also all ties into "my culture doesn't celebrate Christmas."  I'd love to do the "traditional" family Christmas thing.  I'm not churchy, but I'd go for Christmas (at least for midnight mass; I'm not getting up to go to church -- god and I have an understanding on that one).  A tree with presents given from the heart, not just to meet a quota.  Watching Christmas shows or parades or football.  With family.  That speaks to each other and doesn't hate each other and isn't cruel just for kicks.  I've heard tales of families like these.  I always hoped to marry into one, at least.

So, what does all of this have to do with weight loss and/or running?  No freaking idea.  I'll probably have ham for Christmas, unless I orphan it again at my friends and then it's probably prime rib.  Which none of the menfolk will want to carve ("We don't know how to carve a roast." whine....  Dudes, it's in your DNA, step up!) so it's up to me and S to take charge.  With big, shiny sharp knives.  Stupid menfolk, wussing out like that and then giving us knives.  Maybe I'll run on Christmas.  If it's not 25 degrees out like it is right now.  But I'll probably just sleep.  The sleep of angels.  Or of people who have worked 25 days in a row and are ready to pass out. 

I think I had a point when I started writing this but once again I lost my train.  Ah, well, here's wishing you and yours a happy blergh.  And holidays :)

the CilleyGirl


  1. If you want to do a christmas run, let me know! I don't think I have any plans this year, other than to run & then drink. And eat. :)

  2. Cool! I will! I've got to get in my goal of five runs between now and the end of the year; this Sunday's HO HO 5K will be one. I have no idea where the other ones will come in; just keeps getting busier and busier here.