Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's the Ho Hos that will get you every time.

I managed to limit my last pig massacre to a fairly reasonable 956 calories for dinner.  I say fairly reasonable because I do tend to split my calories pretty evenly between breakfast and lunch combined and then dinner.  (As I work on my dietary habits in the upcoming year, that may need to change; I'd like to have lunch be the bigger calorie meal.)  Added to my 965 for breakfast and lunch brought me to 1921 calories for the day.  Yippee!  I thought.  Then I remembered:  the Ho Hos.  At the HO HO 5K on Sunday, I picked up two Ho Hos.  Last night I saw them sitting on my kitchen table and I decided to eat them.  Two Ho Hos = 250 calories, putting me 171 calories over my unofficial calorie target of 2000 calories (although still under my 2500 calorie target for December). 

The Ho Hos will get you every time.

Since it is now mid-December I decided to see where I am for the month.  Remember that my December goals didn't officially start until December 7, although I kept track regardless except for one day where I didn't log in dinner (I probably went out for sushi with friends that night). 

I've actually done pretty well, calorie-wise.  My calorie target in the food diary is still set at 2000 calories a day.  On average, I consumed 2,096 calories.  I'm guessing the day I ate only 374 calories because I had a killer migraine might have skewed things just a teeny bit.  For fat grams, target is 65 and averge is 84.  It's the fast food, I'm certain.  Ditto with the sodium:  target is 2400 mg and my average is 4799 mg.  Yikes!  I'm good on cholesterol; target is 300 g, I'm at 265.  I'm low on carbs (300 target versus 218 actual) and corresponding too high on protein (target 50 g versus 89 g actual).  Sugar are high, fiber is a little low but not too bad.

My calorie distribution was 46% carbs, 21% protein and 33% fat.  I need to work on that as well; I've started reading a book put out by Runner's World on performance nutrition that I will discuss later (once I've, you know, read it).  Their suggested distibution for runners is 50% carbs, 25% protein and 25% fat.  Clearly I need to declare a moratorium on the fast food; I think I've eaten it three times in the past 16 days.  Plus there were some fish stick incidents, which naturally involve tartar sauce.  Evil, evil tartar sauce.  It practically squirts itself down my throat, you know.

I did put away the pig as I said I would.  Tonight should be a nice romaine salad with shrimp, avocado, and a lite honey dijon vinaigrette.  I like extra avocado -- I'll use about five cups of romaine so I usually add a whole avocado in there, luckily that's the heart healthy kind of fat -- so I probably won't have a bagel with my salad like I might otherwise do.  Thursday and Friday will probably find me finishing off the last of the turkey burgers and tots.  Those tots are scarily addictive.  I need to not buy them any more.  Funny how I have none of the same feelings about, say, chocolate or any other sweet.  I've got triple chocolate ice cream in my freezer that I bought about two months ago.  I think I had it maybe twice right after that and then haven't touched it since.  But I don't want that.  I want tots, or fish sticks, or ham.  I wonder where that puts me on the scale (heh) of "diet types." 

Okay, back to earning a living!

the CilleyGirl

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