Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy after-holidays to the Cilley peoples!

Quick check in from Cilleyland since da work crazy is not yet over.  Did I post about how a Christmas wish came true and I get to buy myself some of the items on my "when I have the money I need to replace this" list?  I think I did.  If I didn't, there you go!  Anyhow, to date I have gotten:  a new cell phone and a new laptop.  I haven't had a chance to even plug in the laptop yet; switching over will be a project for the coming weekend (for which I shouldn't have to work a day!).  However, the phone is up and going and it is fabulous.  Much too much phone for me -- I was looking at the level of phones between the basic call/not really any text model (what I was replacing, I'm trying to join the 21st century) and the smartphones and had picked out the LG env Touch.  When the salesguy went to do the paperwork, we learned that I was on such a basic plan now that to upgrade to a data (aka, texting) plan it would be cheaper per month for me to go to a smartphone and only a few dollars more for the phone itself.  Et voila, I am now the proud owner of a Droid HTC Eris. 

The Droid is pretty nifty.  I'm sure it will be even niftier once I figure out how to do certain things like, um, answer the phone.  Okay, I can kind of do that.  I can also read and send email and browse the web.  Starts to make me wonder why I got a new laptop when I can do everything through my phone, but I guess I'd rather not go blind reading the tiny phone screen.  The thing I find the coolest about my new phone is that after years and years and years, I am FINALLY able to have the ringtone I want:  the theme song to Simon & Simon.   I still have the theme song to Magnum PI on there as a backup, and the Pink Panther theme as the backup to the backup.  It only took me about an hour to figure out how to get the songs on to the phone; after that, it was a snap to select it as the ringtone. 

The laptop has 500 gigs of space.  500!  Holy frijoles!!  My old one, that I bought in December 2003, has only 40 gigs.  I probably won't fill up 500 gigs in my natural lifetime.  I'll probably end up willing it to one of my nieces or my godson.  And they'll probably scoff, saying "Only 500 gigs, Aunt CilleyGirl?  Hah!  What a dinosaur!  The new laptops have a trillion gig hard drives and they're invisible!" 

I'm still looking at printers (I want one to print photos -- if anyone has a recommendation for a good printer under $300 US, let me know).  I'm also looking at mattresses; if anyone got a great mattress for under $750 US, let me know that too.  Or if you have a favorite mattress shop (one in the PacNW, that is). 

My diet hasn't gone completely to hell in a handbasket the past week.  More like to purgatory in a purse.  Right now in our office kitchen we have pastries, bagels, carrot cake, smoked salmon (I think, someone might have eaten this yesterday), and three different kinds of cheese, plus my boss's son is out right now bringing back Mexican food for everyone for lunch.  I've had a quarter of a small sticky bun, half of an asiago bagel with salmon and dill cheese spread, and I ordered the lime chicken enchiladas.  Pretty sure I'm burning off calories at a phenomenal rate due to the level of stress, though.

My break time is over, back to the chaos!

the CilleyGirl


  1. Glad you got some new toys! Looking forward to a new year and achieving our goals!