Friday, December 4, 2009

My last race of the year?

Check out the Ho Ho 5K Run and Walk.  It might just be a moral imperative.  I'll probably decide by Sunday if I'm going to do it, I live smack dab between Lake O and Tigard and there's a Foot Traffic in Lake O I can swing by with my donation to register.  Ooh, this is the perfect place to donate all the jackets I've put aside to take to the Goodwill -- three are nice, warmly-lined leather jackets.  I can clean out the pantry and the closet!

Okay, maybe I've decided.  *grin*  Any other Cilleyland peeps up for this?  I might have to get a Santa hat just for the occasion.  Or maybe some antlers.  I'm probably more of an antler girl...

the CilleyGirl

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