Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 8 and Day 51: Let's do the timewarp again!

I am happy to report to all my cilley friends that my head is once again firmly reattached somewhere north of my armpits.  I am restarting my training, with my first injury behind me.

That makes today the second day of Week 8, so I'm on to Day 51 of my marathon journey.  As I reported in my spotty blogging (does that sound dirty?) over the last two weeks, since being injured on October 8 I have only been able to run a couple of times, logging in only 4.62 miles over a week's time where I was scheduled to run closer to 25.  On Saturday, I participated in the Catalyst Challenge, my first real run to see where I was at injury-wise.  I was originally planning to run their 10K but out of caution I switched to the 5K instead.  I didn't run the whole way, it was definitely not my fastest time ever, I overdressed for the weather and couldn't get my breathing right, but -- most importantly -- my leg did NOT hurt at all.  Sunday I sat down with my training schedule and decided I would drop back into my training schedule for the week before I was injured.  I undertook this training with the idea that I would have to make adjustments along the way, mainly for work and weather, so I have room to do this.  I am so glad that I do.

Today I ran my entire 40 minute run, doing just about the same distance I did on Saturday overall but about four minutes faster.  A tad demoralizing that, since I walked a good chunk of Saturday's 5K whereas I ran all the way today.  But still, about 1:25 faster per mile is nothing to sneeze at.  I do not foresee a problem doing my Wednesday and Thursday training; Saturday has 90 minutes on the schedule, my mom gets into town that day, and we're doing the Run Like Hell Portland 5K on Sunday so I will gauge how I and my leg feel before adding that much mileage at the end of the week.  I may do only 45 minutes on Saturday since I will be doing the 5K thang on Sunday.  I also may walk the 5K with my mom so she isn't all by her lonesome.

Break time is over.  Hope everyone is starting their week off in a wonderful way.  Big big congrats to Nicole for not only completing her first marathon but beating her goal time as well!  Yay Nicole!!

the CilleyGirl

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  1. I will be near Portland this weekend, my In-Laws just moved there. Hmmm Eugene Marathon, I may look into that. I am looking for a Marathon in May and would like to do it close to home but in another state.

    Good luck this weekend and Happy Early Birthday.