Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Thursday

Yes I know I said Fridays would be the random day, but that is the beauty of randomness, no?

I woke up to pouring rain and a request to do six Impossible Things before breakfast.  Okay, four Impossible Things to do before the end of business but the other sounds more poetic (and whimsical) so neener.  I did have to send a return message letting the requester know that Impossible Thing No. 1 would take at least all of today and that Impossible Thing No. 2 would on its own take at least another entire day.  In other words, some people have no concept of time relative to completing a task.

Moving back on topic, I hauled out the scale and weighed myself this morning for the first time in a month.  First, I had to update my age since my birthday was this week.  Then I hopped (well, stepped really) on and survey says:  187.6.  Not bad.  Last time I weighed myself I was somewhere just over 190, I think 190.3 or 190.6.  I am also soon to have the carnage in my pants (I love typing things that I expect will make men cringe, plus I just really like the word "carnage") which should mean I'm actually ferrying around a couple of pounds in water weight, at both weigh-ins.  I also need to remember to reschedule my doctor's appointment next week (that's carnage related.  Carnage carnage carnage!!).


Anyhow.  I expect today will be a somewhat high calorie day in the scheme of things.  The main feature of my lunch is a turkey, swiss and avocado sandwich with mayo.  Which apparently I bought real mayo instead of light mayo when I was last buying mayo.  I'm not sure why, but since I will be having a tablespoon of mayo on my sandwich, as well as having a whole avocado, my sandwich will be chock full of calories today.  About 95% good, healthy calories, but calories. 

And then there is the cake.  We are having my birthday celebration today at the office since I now take my birthday off, and there will be cake.  It should be chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and then more chocolate, because one of my hard and fast rules in life is that for your birthday you get to have whatever cake you want and damn everyone else if they don't like it.  So it had better be chocolate cake.  No filling, unless it is filled with chocolate.  No lemon poppyseed cake.  Which isn't really a cake in my book.  Just chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. 

There will also be liquor, champagne as always as well as pumpkintinis.  I plan to have a flute of champagne.  Nothing else.  Not looking forward to having to argue the point with my coworker, but there you go. 

Hmm, not much random in here today, is there?  Plus my break is almost over so I will just say a big cilley hello! to my newest follower Staci.  Hi Staci!  Welcome!  That brings the grand total of people who read this to seven.  Seven, seven, seven fans!  Ahahahahahaha!!

The Count is random, no?

the CilleyGirl

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