Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Am I sick in body or sick in spirit? Or both?

I've lost my mojo.  My running mojo, that is.  My rojo, if you will.  Whatever you call it, it is MIA.  And whether it is cause or effect, I don't feel so well.

As you recall, last Thursday I strained my Achilles tendon or had an attack of Achilles tendonitis or something.  The leg, she is ouchie.  I had to cut my Thursday run short, and I've since skipped my runs for Saturday, Monday, and today.  Saturday I planned to take off anyhow.  Some time around Sunday, my rojo headed out for a pack of cigs and a quart of milk and hasn't been heard from since.

So now I'm trying to figure out how to lure it back.  It's really not helping that during the time I could not have run, the weather was dry and relatively decent.  Windy -- like the Wicked Witch of the West themesong windy -- but decent.  I planned to run on Monday but my leg was still stiff and sore and my tummy was grumbly (not in a good "feed me" kind of way) AND it was cold and raining.  Today, it was the idea that it could be cold and raining that kept me from heading out.  That, and I just do not feel well.  I'm sniffly, I have a bad recurring headache, and I'm more tired than usual.   I don't want to get sick so I doubt I will run tomorrow.

All this wouldn't be too troubling except that I'm doing a 10K on Saturday.  I'd rather not have that be my first day back after not running for over a week.  I think my leg will do okay -- stiff, but okay -- but I just have this deep down feeling that if I push it right now I'm going to regret it.  Coming down with the flu regret it.  But is it my body saying that or my brain?  Is my rojo hiding to protect me from myself?  Are these the blahs of depression or the blahs of "my body needs a break."   Even The Biggest Loser fails to inspire me right now because I keep waiting (hoping?) they're going to burn Tracey in effigy.  Or, you know, in actuality.  Either way, it's distracting.

On top of it all, work is ramping up much more quickly than it should.  Usually this level of the crazy wouldn't be happening for at least another month.  I'm ready to settle in to it by then.  Right now is just too early.  I've got things I want to do. 

And I think I'm coming down with something.

What do you do to get that extra little push out the door and into a run? 

the CilleyGirl

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