Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 38: With apologies to a girl named Maria...

Ahem.  Tap tap tap.
I feel fluffy.
Oh so fluffy.
I feel fluffy and puffy and laaarrrrggggge!
And that is about the extent of my parody ability.  I only wish I had the gifts of say somebody like the amazing Jack Sh*t.  I do have a gift for limericks, however, so if you have a friend in Nantucket who you would like to immortalize in a limerick, I can do that.   For example:
There once was a girl named Cilley
Whose body had become quite hilly.
So she started to run.
It wasn't much fun.
Tho' at the end she would be quite a dilley!
Yeah, well, I'm ready for lunch and my second soda of the day.  But I am happy to report that I'm feeling a lot less fluffy today and the pants that felt a tad snug four hours ago now feel loose again. Yay!

I did my stretching last night, with a few assists from the Schmart Dog.  We have these things where I call out that I need looovvve! and Schmart Dog puts her head between my knees so I can scratch her neck and ruff and she pushes against me while I'm holding her hostage with my knees, or where I'm laying down and she sticks her snoot under my side or against my neck and rubs her nose back and forth against the floor as she gooses me (we call these "snooters").  Okay, maybe I need more of a life.  Anyhow.  When I am down on the floor stretching, she believes that it is time for looovvve or snooters and starts pushing me around or goosing me.  Last night, I was doing a stretch laying on my back where I brought one knee over and to the side; at this point I was facing her.  She came over and started doing snooters in my side and then as I turned to do the other side she pretty much pushed me over, lifting me up with her nose.  Very helpful.  And kind of schnotty. 

I got a few huge pops out of each ankle this morning (they felt all jammed up and they were), and my calf is feeling better (moo).  The worst (other than running) seems to be going down stairs.  I can't figure out if the calf muscle is stretched out too far or not enough and that's what's causing the pain.  Gah.

Today is my cross-training day which means time for bellydancing!  Also time for not much in the way of a post today since I tend to crash almost immediately after class to catch The Biggest Loser and that uses up all the energy I have left for the day.  But tomorrow you can dread look forward to my TBL recap, along with whatever else pops into my head.  Like bunnies.

the CilleyGirl

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