Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 37 and a bad case of the ouchies

Easy to get up this morning, even though I soon realized it was butt-ass cold out (40 degrees).  Not so easy to run.  The calves are still twitching (mooing?) and it was hard to convince that voice in my head why we shouldn't take it easy today, that we could work harder next time (answer:  because we'd do that everytime and then never get anywhere).  Ended up walking more than I wanted, which while the twitchy muscles felt better when walking they tightened up that much more when I started up again. 

The only truly bright spot was that Chip came crawling back.  Good boy, Chip.  Oh, and I was running under a nearly full moon.   It got a little creepy with all the mist hovering over the track.  I kept thinking I was hearing somebody howl. 

I added a silk longjohn top to my gear this morning.  I also finally got a headband so my ears didn't threaten to fall off.  That kept my upper body warm, except I need to switch gloves.  I got a cheapy pair (under $2) when I got the headband, but they let in too much cold.  I think I'll be adding silk longjohn bottoms to the mix tomorrow; the temp is supposed to get down into the 30s tonight.   Oh wait, I don't run tomorrow!  Okay, for Wednesday then. 

I've made a goal of stretching every night to help with the ouchies.  Now if I can just convince my dog that I don't need any help doing it.  She likes to come headbutt me in the chest when I'm balancing in a stretch.  Maybe she wants to do some doga?

the CilleyGirl

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