Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Biggest Loser: Week 3

For anyone who actually comes here to read my recaps, sorry that I am late with this.  It has been a tiring albeit rewarding few days of training and I just didn't have the time/energy to get to it until now.  For future reference, Television Without Pity has some great recaps of many, many shows, including The Biggest Loser (their recap this week for TBL is hysterical), so go check them out.  After you read my blog, of course.

So, since I am late and also trying to eat some lunch, this will be short.  Which is fine because (a) you can go to Television Without Pity if you need more detail and (b) not much happened this week.  To wit: 

Tracey went bug nuts.  Complete with the crazy eyes.  Perhaps her week-long hospital stay the first week was in the psych ward.  I don't know.  But she throws first Mo and then pretty much the rest of the contestants under a bus.  End result:  Red team (Antoine and Sean) go home and Tracey has a big ol' target on her back. 

Best parts:  Liz wishing for fried catfish under her plate in the temptation challenge and getting a (teeny tiny) cupcake instead; the way she says "Cupcake!" is great.  Everyone (except for Tracey and Abby, due to injuries) banding together to help Mo, the last one to finish the immunity challenge, to finish.  Everybody loves Mo.  Everybody hates Tracey.  Sean and Antoine look fabulous at home.  Sean still has that crappy haircut, though.  Wouldn't it be great if at the finale stylist Suzy from season 3 shows up and takes him backstage to give him a real 'do?  That would be fantastic.  Antoine and Alexandra are now in love and dating and it's soooo very cute.  Thankfully Julio -- whom I have dubbed "Toolio" -- is not much of a presence this week.  Actually, a lot of the contestants who had the most screen time in the past two weeks weren't this week's focus.  Most of it was on Tracey's crazy eyes.  Oh, and I don't think anybody vomited.  At least on screen. 

Up on next week's episode:  Karma may be making Tracey her bitch.  I seriously hope so.  Now I'm off to finish my healthy Subway sandwich.

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