Thursday, October 15, 2009

My rojo has been spotted in the area

I only had a brief glimpse but I know it's nearby.  It's been gone long enough to get a little skittish around people, so I've set up a few things at home in the hopes of luring it back:  Clif Shot Bloks, Ultima replenishment drink, a new long-sleeve running tee, and my beautiful new pink babies.  I'm sure with such temptations my rojo will be back home begging me to scratch behind its ears in no time!

After a bit of online retail therapy yesterday afternoon for some running gear (don't worry Mom, I didn't buy anything.  I'm waiting for you to buy it for me!!), as I was leaving the office last night I realized it was (a) a little over 60 degrees out, (b) still light out, and (c) not raining.  A package from New Balance on my doorstep containing my new shoes and tee clinched it; I went out for a run last night.

Excluding the ten minute warm up to the track, I did about 40 minutes for a little over two miles (I will update my dailymile counter soon).  I ran a couple of laps, walked a lap, ran a couple more laps, walked a couple laps, and so on.  I still feel like I'm fighting off some kind of illness so I was definitely breathing hard after the first couple of laps.  My Achilles and calf did really well, no problem with the Achilles itself and only a bit of twinging in the calf.  What really started to bother me were my shins.  So either I had my shoes tied too tight (a distinct possibility; feet are bigger in the evening) or it is time to replace my insoles and/or my shoes.  Luckily I have these beautiful pink babies just waiting to be laced up and taken out for a spin.  I still need to pick up some insoles though.

I'll get some pictures up of my pretty new shoes.  They are beyond fabulous.  I would not call them pink, however.  I'd call them PINK!!!!!!!    Fuchsia really would be the better description.  It is that rich, deep, dark pink that you get when you cut into a Muppet.  Or so I've heard.  The accents on the shoe are dark grey.  Just beautiful.

I really like my new long-sleeve tee too.  It is black (I need to get something reflective to wear soon).  What I didn't see from the online picture when I ordered it was that it is stripey.  All these teeny horizontal white pinestripes.  I kind of feel like the Hamburglar when I wear it.  Or that it's the latest in mafia running gear.  Wait until I add the pink shoes.  Excuse me, the PINK!!!!!!! shoes.  I wore the tee running last night, just by itself (well, I had pants), and was comfortable in it.  I think it will be great with a vest (I need a water and wind resistant vest now) or a jacket. 

I felt pretty good getting up this morning, although I did not go run this morning that I kind sorta thought maybe sorta I would.  Just too tired.  I even took an Ambien last night so I could get a good, deep sleep, and I got at least seven solid hours in, but still tired.  I guess all the vitamins and vitamin C I take daily is doing its job to keep me from being sick but I wish it would keep me from being sick at all.  Oh well.  If all else fails, I can switch to hot buttered rums.  It's about that time of year now, yes?

the CilleyGirl

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