Thursday, October 22, 2009

The SickeyGirl

I'm starting to lose the battle against whatever bug I've been fighting.  It isn't helping that my boss appears to be sick again (and he's here in the office with it).  Plus I re-strained my leg at dance class this week; I will not be doing any more dance moves on my tippytoes, let me tell you.  Between the sickey blahs and a swollen Achilles, my great start to this week's running has fizzled.  I got about 11 hours of sleep last night and still I feel crappy.  And when I feel crappy, I tend to get comfort food; last night was bbq wings from Round Table Pizza.  And a pizza.  I could eat a birdzilla's worth of those wings.  Six feet across these wings could be, and would eat lots of them. 

Okay, off to home and to rest and get better.  Luckily I'm broke so no more eating out!

the SickeyGirl


  1. OK that does not sound good with a race this weekend and your birthday coming up.. UGH!! Feel better :)

    High Five!!

  2. Hey, I just found your blog through TallMom. Looks like we live in the same city. Good like at Run Like Hell!

    Maybe we could meetup for a run sometime (

  3. P.S. I'll probably be running the Eugene half. I've sworn off marathons for the time being.

  4. Hi Alisa! That would be great to meet up for a run as long as you're prepared to run really really SLOW ;)