Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekly goal wrap up

Let's see how I did this week with my goals...

Sunday: Recover from migraine.

Pass!  I recovered from my migraine like a champ. 

Monday: Set alarm for 5:30 a.m. to go the gym to run 3 miles or an hour, whichever comes first. Wake up at 5:30, promptly reset alarm for two hours later. Two hours later, call boss to let him know I'm still feeling sick. Be persuaded to come into work for "just a little bit, then if you still feel sick go home." Work straight through lunch until 6:00 p.m.

Pass!  I didn't make it to the gym, although I was up that early to consider it.  Then I went into work for "just a little bit," which turned into all freakin' day. 

Tuesday: Set alarm for 5:30 a.m. to go the gym to lift weights. Wake up at 5:30, think about going to the gym for about a half or hour or so, after which realize that I still haven't set up a weights program and that I'm not in a clear frame of mind to do so this morning. Plus my ass still hurts from the needle jab. Go back to sleep.

Pass!  It is amazing how I am rocking these goals to the letter this week!

Wednesday: Run 3 miles or an hour, whichever comes first.

Pass!  I ran 3 miles. 
Thursday: Run 3 miles or an hour, whichever comes first.

Also pass!  Two days in the row at the gym to run 3 miles.

Friday: Take the day off from work. Rest. Get new mattress and box spring set up. Perhaps go back to bed for a nap in new bed. Go to brew crew.

Pass!  I am awesome!!  The mattress guys came and went without incident.  I didn't go back to bed because they came late in the afternoon and so after they set everything up it was time to go get ready for brew crew.  Then I went to brew crew and met up with the Gazelle and the Architect and some new people and drank beer.  I'm looking forward to the next brew crew!
Saturday: Resolution Run 5K. Don't die.

Pass!  And for an extra added bonus, I RAN the entire 5K.  No walking!  I made this a goal about 1km into the race.  You know, a lot of people say that they love to run because it clears their mind and they don't have to think.  Not me; all I do is think when I'm running.  As I was running this morning, I realized that it is very, very easy to disappoint yourself.  I don't mean by setting really high goals or standards for yourself and then beating yourself up when you inevitably fail.  I mean that when you are doing something that only you really care about it is so easy to not do it.  For example, I wanted to run this whole race but if I walked I would only be letting myself down, and since it was just me who cares?  I realized that I should care.  That I was worth not disappointing. 
And so I ran. 
It was a good temp to run and it didn't rain.  I had been expecting rain so I wore my ball cap and not my head band; my ears were frozen.  In fact, for most of the first part of the course I was obsessing on how I was going to go right out and get a new headband.  Then I passed the Lululemon course volunteers who were -- can you guess?  -- handing out free headbands!  I promptly put it on over my ball cap -- not caring if I looked like a dork (the pictures will tell -- and  my ears were nice and toasty warm.  So much so that when I took it off later I didn't realize how warm it had kept my ears; they promptly froze again.  They raffled off a ton of prizes but I didn't win any :(  Oh well, I did get a free headband!
I'll be posting my first week's marathon training schedule later on.  For now I need to shower and go meet S for some shopping!
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