Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 16: I am BUGGED today, on so many levels.

Let me tell you about it.

First -- and this is the one from which all others flow, so to speak.  It's getting to be that TOM, and it sucks.  I already have sore legs (from running, you pervs) and the general achiness and fuzzy head preceding Aunt Flo's arrival just ain't helping.  This is when I start to think that maybe the alternatives of not having a period aren't so bad.  Then I remember that those alternatives (for me, with the PCOS and all) are announcer voice on "mild to moderate, and may include suicidal depression, homicidal impulses, rage, and all around psychopathy."  This is why, and it's probably a good thing, that two out of my three years of law school are kind of a blank.  I lost a few friends during that time.  Haven't gone off the hormones since.

Second.  Today I must write finish a motion for summary judgment.  It was due last week, and I first heard about this motion at all two days after it was due.  I -- and I use the term very particularly, because it's not me who has to sign it but I have to write it, dammit -- got an extension to tomorrow, but since boss is going away for the weekend starting tomorrow it's really only an extension to today.  I'd rather be doing anything other than this.  As evidence by my logging into not the legal research website just now, but the comparable sales website.  They both start with "L", I was close, yeah?   Boss better bring me back something good from New York.  I'm just sayin'.

And since I've started this post, I have finished the draft of the motion.  Bah.

Third.  My bodybugg arrived last night!   I got it set up and charged and on my arm last night.  I wanted to sleep with it on because the sleep tracking is one of the things I am most interested in.  I also wanted to be able to run with it on this morning.  I'll see what it registers in terms of calorie burn, etc., once I get home tonight.  It's not too noticeable to have on; I barely noticed it all while sleeping or running.  I am hoping that the band doesn't have latex in it, since I do not get along well with latex.  (We've both agreed to see other substances.) 

So, on to this morning's run.  I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and decided to not go this morning but instead go tonight.  And then five minutes later I decided to go this morning anyways.  I just like mornings better for working out.  Wish I didn't actually have to be conscious for it all, but there you go.  Logged my three miles and ran all but about 12 steps (I had to take a quick water break).  I was very stiff when I started out -- mainly my right hip flexor as usual -- and felt so slow, but when I checked my pace I was actually doing pretty well.  Go figure.  I think my overall pace was a few seconds over 12 minutes; I was doing right around my best 5K pace.  My legs were very tired for the last mile.  I might go shoe shopping this weekend.  I think being a big moose my shoes wear out faster.  I'll have to go back and check how many miles I actually have on these (my BRIGHT PINK pair of New Balance 769s). 

Yay, it's lunchtime!  I hope Hercule Poirot solves this crime soon.

the CilleyGirl

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