Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 1 recap: I didn't die.

It's the end of Week 1 of marathon training and I didn't die.  Thought about it.  But ultimately kept on breathing.  Here's how I did:

Mon - Day 1: 3 miles.  SUCCESS!  Logged 3.0 miles exactly.

Tue - Day 2: Weights.  SUCCESS!  Did a full upper body circuit.  My triceps were sore through Friday.

Wed - Day 3: Rest.  SUCCESS!  It was really hard not to run but I managed.

Thu - Day 4: 4 miles.  SUCCESS!  Logged 4.01 miles.  Ran all but 1/12th of a mile.  Still feeling that one.

Fri - Day 5: 3 miles and weights.  SUCCESS!   Logged 3.01 miles and fought for every one of them.  My left shin was killing me until the last half mile, then it was perfectly fine and I did the last half mile faster than the whole run.  Also did a complete lower body circuit.  Was feeling that in today's run.

Sat - Day 6: Rest.  SUCCESS!  Had to go into work.  Would have rather gone to the gym.  Seriously.

Sun - Day 7: 5 miles.  SUCCESS!  I was slow as hell but I logged 5.13 miles.   Then I had a fabulous brunch with the Gazelle and the Ambitious One and her husband Mr. Pi. 

Total miles for the week:  15.15. 

A good week but I'm feeling it randomly throughout my body.  I have to remember it's really my first week for all of this and that I need to be cautious.  Luckily most things have been transitory -- although, by the way, can you believe I STILL have a sore spot from that injection?? I think she literally hit a nerve  -- but today's has been the most worrisome:  an ache in the outside middle of my right foot, on what feels like the end of the metatarsal.  At least I think it's the metatarsal, how does it go?  Out from the ankle:  tarsals, metatarsals, phalanges. 

I think it's visual aid time:

So I've got a sore spot on the end of the pinky metatarsal, where it's got that goofy little prong pointing downwards.  Almost feels like my ankle needs to pop, as if the tendons are pulling oddly on that bone.  Ah well, taking Vitamin I and keeping it a bit elevated.  Maybe I'll ice it in a bit (my feet were cold so I didn't want to make them colder).   And just rest it; I don't run again until Wednesday.

Speaking of which, here is the agenda for Week 2:

Mon/Day 8 - Rest.

Tue/Day 9 - Weights.

Wed/Day 10 - 3 miles.

Thu/Day 11 - 4 miles.

Fri/Day 12 - 3 miles and weights.

Sat/Day 13 - Rest.

Sun/Day 14 - 6 miles.

Wish me luck!

the CilleyGirl


  1. way to hit all your goals this week! That's awesome!

  2. Thanks! It was close to all falling apart on Friday, and I have to push myself harder on the running side of things (as in, actually RUN) but I did it! Now I just need to keep doing it for 15 more weeks...