Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Look! Over there! Look what I did today!

I am referring to my DailyMile widget over there on the sidebar where it should say that I went to the gym this morning and ran three miles!  Yay for me! 

I thought that after running only twice in the prior six weeks I would have lost a lot more fitness, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Not that the run wasn't a struggle; it was so cold and windy out as I left the house that I wore a long-sleeved tech tee, and then it was so damn hot in the upper level of the gym where the track is that I was huffing and puffing a lot.  I'm sure my face matched my red tech tee too; my skin temp felt like it was about 200 degrees.  But I still did 3.02 miles in just under 40 minutes, walking maybe six 1/12th of a mile laps in order to take water (and breathing) breaks. 

Tomorrow I wear a short-sleeved (and v-neck) shirt and do another three miles or one hour, whichever comes first.  Felt good to be back running again.

In other news, I half-listened to the season premiere of The Biggest Loser last night.  In the early episodes, there are always too many people -- you just don't want to get too attached too early, right?  Plus last night, way too much yelling.  I thought Bob might bust a blood vessel.  And I think he needs to shave.  I don't like bearded Bob.  It's like the facial hair has made him mean.

So, since I wasn't paying complete attention, here are a few random observances:

- The half-ton twins (Brown team) need to shave too.  Beards are not a good look when you don't have a chin.  And they had serious PMS/constipation faces all throughout the weigh-in at the show's end. 

- Doesn't Daris (Orange team) look a lot like Matt Hoover's little brother?  Right down to the big scary white guy 'fro?

- Apparently if you are fat nobody can love you.  However, at least half of the contestants are currently married.  Interesting.  I think more to the point is that if you don't love yourself, nobody else can love you either.  But I guess they either skipped over that or it just doesn't make for good TV.

- As the contestants get bigger and bigger over the seasons, I find my enjoyment in the show decreasing.  Originally there were more people to whom I could relate:  about 30 lbs heavier than me, trying to get fit.  It was motivating.  Now this season there is maybe one person (Melissa on the Red team) that comes even close to my weight and I'm watching and thinking that I'm apparently doing pretty well with this weight thing so why not have a Twinkie?  Or twelve.  Because at least my arms can get close to my actual ribcage.  And my knees don't turn in because of the size of my thighs. 

- Who named these people?  Cherita, Daris, Miggy and Migdalia (and what do you think were their nicknames in school, hmm??), O'Neal and daughter Sunshine (with brother or sister -- I didn't catch which -- Jazz).  The Tongan, Koli, I'll grant is okay; he's Tongan.  I long for an Esther.

- Michael, the guy from Chicago?  Goomba.  I have ex-boyfriend flashbacks (mine was a New Jersey goomba) every time I see him on screen.  I think it's the jewelry.  Whoever told the first Italian guy that that was a good look should be fitted for cement overshoes.

- I do like the Tongans.  They have such enthusiasm. 

- Taco Bell fresco?  Really?  And didn't I hear that Jared gained back a bunch of weight?  Poor guy.

- No more puking.  Please.  Not even after Taco Bell fresco or Subway.

- Seriously, no more puking.

In other other news, my ass still hurts.  Last night I was rubbing my butt -- as you do -- and realized that I now have a lump right under the injection site.  So now I'm wondering if as I rub my butt that I am releasing a big glob of Vicodin into my bloodstream.  And I'm rubbing my butt.  Oh, and I have to remember to ask for non-latex band-aids; it takes forever for the irration from the band-aid to disappear off my skin. 

And on that note, I'll leave you to it.  Coming soon:  recap of December goals (a big FAIL!) and an updated sidebar pic (can you find the ferret?).

the CilleyGirl

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