Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 9: Burns of Steel vs. Arms of Jell-o

Tuesdays are my days to do the upper body weights circuit.  And my arms are Jell-o.  As you might have guessed.  I still feel like such a wuss; decided to bump up the triceps machine from 10 lbs to 15 -- and could not move it.  Even at 10 lbs, by the last set I had to use my right arm to move the bar into position for my left arm as I just couldn't move it.  Big wuss.  But that is why I am keeping a training log, so not only can I see how big of a wuss I am now, I can see how not big of a wuss I am later.  Or something like that.

If I'm starting up the food diary again, then it must be time to TRY A NEW ONE.  Yes, we bring back CilleyGirl's road testing of the online food diaries.  This time it is DailyBurn, for which I saw a mention on another blog, something about bacon.  No More Bacon?   Yes, that's it.  Anyhow, it's only been a day but so far I really, really like it.  (So now I'm sure I've just cursed it.)  It has both a free option and then a couple of paid plans.  Right now I'm using the free option.  Entering food has been easy peasey; everything I've wanted to enter is in there, it's just point and click, there are not only lots of database entries but you also have access to other user entries.  Even the thing I thought wasn't in there, was.  Which reminds me, it would be nice if it had the Google "Hey, moron!" option.  You know, as in "Hey, moron!  Did you mean to search for....?"  Because I didn't spell it correctly the first time I searched for it, and didn't realize it until after I'd already entered in the food.  To join the dozen of other entries on the same damn thing, I'm sure.  Although I would have thought that "Cascadia Farms" would have found "Cascadian Farms", but no.  And Cascadian Farms is a stupid name.  It should have been Cascadia Farms. 

Dear Cascadian Farms:   if you send me free Dark Chocolate Almond Granola cereal I will forgive you.  Because it was really tasty.  And it was really easy to enter in to the food diary either way.  Love, CilleyGirl.
Back to the topic at hand.  So far I have only entered in food.  I started to look at the exercise log portion and while it may be involved to start it doesn't seem all that complicated.  I started to log in my weights workout this morning and learned that I can enter each exercise I did this morning, but I had left my training log in the car (as you do) so I decided to work on entering it in tonight and see how it goes.  Oh, by the way, I do still like the food diary I found at Everyday Health.  But there are aspects of DailyBurn that are better than Everyday Health; stuff where you would have to keep going back to the main page to enter the next thing, just nitpicky things that, while definitely better on Everyday Health than other food diaries, would have been my suggestions of things to improve on Everyday Health.

And now I will not type "Everyday Health" again in this post.

Because I hope to appeal not only to like-minded running and healthy lifestyle changing readers, I like to include things that don't involve that.  So let's talk about 24, shall we?  The new season is off to a great start.  Poor Jack, getting pulled back in to another day where he never gets to use the toilet.  Unless someone tries to drown him in one, that is.  President Taylor is my favorite president on the show since President Palmer, played by Dennis Haysbert ("Hats for bats.  Keep bats warm.  Thank you.").  Then there is the current head of CTU NY, played by Mykelti Williamson, whom I remember from when he was still plain old Michael T. Williamson.  One of those actors who I am always glad to see, like "Hey!  It's great he's getting a lot of work." 

It's great to have Chloe back.  I'm fairly certain that Mykelti's character is falling in hot, hot love for Chloe.  Have you noticed the looks he's been giving her?  They all started once she started standing up to him.  You know, basically being Chloe.  Maybe he's a secret submissive and now he has all these fantasies of Chloe in leather and latex with a whip and stiletto heels.  It's these things that keep me amused when the plot drags.  Like with the bald cop dragging Jack to the basement for a beating.  Or whenever Freddie Prinze Jr. is on screen.  Which I find sad, because I really like FPJ, but his character is nearly one-dimensional so far.  Even when he bomb-blocked Hassan's car.  Oh, and Hassan is deeply boring.  And I'm not feeling the motivation for his bad brother.  Poor casting on those two.  Last, but really not least, that blond CTU chick with the hidden past and the nasty ex?  That really better go somewhere, plot-wise. 

Well, for everyone who is wishing I'd move on, I'll move on.  Loser is on tonight.  Still not feeling this new season.  Is the White team mama Maria a drama queen or what?  And over on TwoP they're speculating that the White team son (Michael) and Bob are having a hot affair, but that Bob wants the drama mama out of the way first.  That helps pass the time for me.  But if it doesn't get interesting soon, I'll be changing channels.

That's all for me!

the CilleyGirl

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  1. I totally understand the feeling with the arms. My legs feel like lead now from all of the training!