Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 8 and the start of Week 2: Resting on my chubby laurels.

What the heck are laurels anyway?  Oh well, I'm sure mine are chubby.  Just like everything else.  As you can see:

One week before Week 1 start:  188.0 lbs.
Week 1 start:  188.4 lbs.
Week 2 start:  188.8 lbs.

Yeah, that's kind of going the wrong way. 

But hey CilleyGirl, you say.  Don't you remember eating pizza and wings twice last week?  Separately?  And then there was a Burger King dinner Friday and at least twice was McDonald's breakfasts and.... 

Well yes, I do.  Yet I also remember eating about four times that in the weeks before I started all this.  And I weighed less after it.  Plus I ran logged 15 miles last week, which should have burned off any extra calories and then some.  I should at least be status quo, right?


I decided to get a body bugg so that I can see exactly what calories *I* am burning each day.  Not some projected BMR based on size and age and weight and activity, but *my* BMR.  Then I can find out if I am truly eating too much or too little (I'll start keeping a food diary again), or if maybe I need to have my doctor run some additional tests. 

I am also still reading my way through several books on nutrition and metabolism, yadda yadda yadda.  Still reading Jillian Michaels' latest.  She's got some really good points, but at the same time to hop fully on board the Jillian train would be a huge lifestyle change.  Just too much to do all at once and hope to succeed at it.  I think what I will do is keep a list of what sounds good (i.e., logical -- like cutting out most processed foods) to me and then do what I can now.  I can then continue to make gradual changes. 

And maybe lose some weight!

Wishing everyone a happy week,
the CilleyGirl

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  1. It happened to me too! I know it will go down again next week or the next :-)