Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 3: A rainy hump day. Or maybe a humpy rain day?

It's a gray and rainy hump day here in CilleyLand.  A day where I'm glad to be inside and not out in the weather.  I'd rather be at home in fleece with my dogs and a good book by a nice warm fire.  Although that means I'd be at someone else's house since I don't have a fireplace, but you get the idea.  There should be some hot chocolate and a hot man in there somewhere too, but I don't have those at home either.  I may have some hot chocolate tucked away but pretty sure not the hot man.  I would hope he would have complained by now. 

Anyhow, welcome to Wednesday.  I got my hair cut this morning so it's a rest day training-wise.  And if you live in the CilleyLand area and need a stylist, let me know.  My stylist Brian is absolutely amazing, both personally and professionally.  (He also occasionally reads this blog.  Hi Brian!)  I know at least eight people, covering the gamut of hair types, who go to him and he does a fabulous job for each and every one of them.  Seriously, he's great.  And he gives good smootchies.  And neck rubs.  And he has a great ass.

Last night I ate a pizza.  If you're paying attention, or are some sort of grammar freak, you'll notice that's not "Last night I ate pizza."  No, I had A pizza last night.  It's not delivery, it's sitting there in the kitchen, or it was until I ate it.  All of it.

I'm actually kind of happy that I'm running four miles tomorrow morning.  My ass probably needs it.  Although in the past couple of years I've lost the most weight when I've been on the pizza and wings diet.  Truly.  This involved an order of honey BBQ wings and a thin crust pizza, usually a large but some times a medium.  I'd have this as often as three times a week -- one order of wings and a pizza each time -- and then get on the scale and be down a couple of pounds.  Except for the occasional hike or dog walk, I wasn't exercising at all during this time.  This is why I think I'm not eating enough when I'm running.  Plus I don't have it in my grocery budget these days to truly experiment with the pizza and wings theory.  Plus the Domino's down the street, on the way home from work, closed and the next nearest is fairly far away.  Round Table has better wings but lousy pizza.   Tonight will have to be salmon and salad.

I've got a little soreness following yesterday's weights.  I felt it most in my shoulders yesterday, then today just in my triceps.  Meaning I should continue to tweak the weights to get to a good fatigue point and so that I feel it the next day but can still, you know, function and stuff.  This Friday I'll do the lower body after my three mile run; in future weeks.  I learned on Monday that my leg muscles are much wimpier than I realized.  The last time I did the leg press I was using heavier weights and it was much easier.  I wonder if that is a consequence of what running works and what it doesn't in your legs and bum. 

I'm off to stare out my office window at the wet and gloom.  And maybe get some work done.  And look forward to the new episode of Midsomer Murders that should be in my mailbox tonight.  And to reading the latest J.D. Robb at lunch.

the CilleyGirl

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