Friday, August 6, 2010

On my Christmas list

Would be one of these little guys.  You have to watch the video.  The part where he's being brushed?  And when he's in the playpen wagging his tail?  I think I strained a vocal cord with my "squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

Day 4 of the paleo challenge in the bucket.  The cravings were baaaaaaaaaaaad last night.  This >< close to going out for something.  Only that big scale loss yesterday kept me strong.  Well, that and an emergency diet coke.  I keep thinking of that (the scale, not the soda) and the fact that it would suck to have gone through these cravings for nothing, if I cheat now.  Today I want sushi.  Otter-free, thank you very much.  But I'd share!

Also keeping me strong today is that I'm going to hit the deli for dinner tonight and get me some'a spicy meatball.  And get some more shrimp, the scallops -- basically, all the paleo stuff that I've been wanting.  Something a little different than just steak.  And a tad easier on the choppers.  On the up side, my dentist will be thrilled with how much I'm flossing now. 

the CilleyGirl


  1. I guess is this where I need to confess I was not WELCOMED to the dark side by you...I live there. I should have given YOU the welcome basket.

    Tonight after 48 hrs with no sleep - sadly true (my work is as bad as yours was a few weeks ago, for the whole month on August leading up to execution for 3 weeks in September - when I shift from working 17 hours a day to 24/7) and then execution for subsequent programmes in Oct and Nov....the last half of the year is my world of pain ;o)

    All of which serves as a long winded excuse for me having 2 glasses of white wine and 4 glasses of prosecco tonight.....somehow I think if Paleo Man had to do my job (or yours!), they would have been motivated to invent alcohol a hellova lot sooner than they did.

    And tomorrow is Gay Pride....biggest gay festival in the world...on the canals...on boats...I may or may not be dancing on the ING boat....but regardless, zero alcohol tolerance is not possible. I warned this would be my achilles heel!

    If I can make it through Alcohol-Soaked-Amsterdam in Summer, I know you can make it past ARBY'