Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A difficult day for the CilleyCaveGirl

Day 2 is behind me, Day 3 is trying to get away from me.  It's been hard not to say, hey why not have a mini Milky Way?  Hey, maybe coworker will come back from lunch with cake.  Hey, why not have Arby's for dinner tonight?  We don't feel so well and therefore we deserve a little happiness. 

Of course, as we (the actual we, not just me with a mouse in my pocket) know all too well that candy bars, cake and crap will not give us happiness.  At least, nothing beyond a few seconds -- and is it really worth it just for that?  Not that it reminds me of my younger days when I approached not only food but sex with the same attitude ("but he seems to really, really like me, I'm sure this will last beyond tonight!"). 

(In some way I guess it's good I got a little too self-conscious about my body to do that anymore.  Plus I grew up.  Plus I started to actually like myself and realized I was worth more than that.)

Anyhow.  I'm a smidge hungry and my brain is taking that opportunity to tempt me with fond remembrances of food past.  Although I have noticed that it's glossing over the not so fond remembrances of what happens when you eat too much.  Break out the Prilosec, the Pepto, and the um, what other tummy med starts with P? 

Cherries would be a much better choice.  And a distraction.  So I'm surfing for interesting stuff in between tasks. 

In case you need a distraction too, I give you this.  Nothing like reading about a whole bunch of awesome and amazing people who on the whole work with people who want food because they are actually hungry.  Or homeless.  Or both. 

Kind of takes the fun out of fantasizing about a trip to Arby's, huh?

the CilleyGirl

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