Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good news is, nobody bet against me

Bad news is, nobody bet on me either! 

Day 2 of the paleo challenge is almost over.  I really want Arby's.  Or a Reese's.  I'll end up having a banana.  Maybe two. 

Last night I made a fantastic salad for dinner.  Romaine, grilled sliced chicken breast. dates, walnuts, and an avocado with a tropical mango olive oil vinaigrette (Bolthouse Farms on the latter, very tasty and very low cal). 

I haven't gotten into making my own paleo salad dressings.  I never had salad until I was 11 or 12.  We never ate it at home.  I had it for the first time in summer camp.  Part of my problem with salad over the years is salad dressing; I could never find a dressing I liked.  Usually they were too thick (didn't know about the "dip your fork in the dressing on the side" trick back then) or too vinegary.  I finally found one about eight years ago that I liked and I credit it with helping me to lose 30 lbs.  Of course, they stopped making it!  A lot of sucky salad dressings later and I now have four or five that I like.  For the challenge I am planning to stick to the ones that are closest to paleo.  The mango one is about 99% paleo (almost all real ingredients) plus so flavorful (and of a thin consistency) that you don't need all that much.  And it's only 30 calories for two tablespoons.  Bolthouse Farms makes some excellent dressings.  I also like the Litehouse reduced calorie vinaigrettes, they have a honey dijon and a pear gorgonzola that are great.

And did you notice that if you look at the word "vinaigrette" long enough it looks completely misspelled?

Condiments are one thing I am using sparingly during the challenge, but still using.  This morning I had about a teaspoon of cocktail sauce with my shrimp.  I like to marinate my meat.  I do a smidge (maybe half a teaspoon) of ranch dressing with my carrot sticks. 

I should go eat some fruit.  And hide the car keys.  I should start keeping a list of all of my cravings, with the idea that if I want any of it in 30 days then I can go have it. 

Might be a long list.

the CilleyGirl

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