Thursday, August 26, 2010

My kingdom for a personal chef!

As a side note, I just noticed that this is my 301st post.  I'd be impressed, except that I'm a gabby lil mo'fo so it's really not much of an accomplishment.


Still going great on paleo -- a total of eight unofficial pounds lost as of today -- but really really really tired of cooking all of my meals every single day.  Well, almost all; I've made three or four paleo meals out of the deli case at Freddy's this month.  Viva la meatball!  Today it seems to have hit really hard (I feel like I'm fighting a cold).  It's not really that I want to eat crap or even really non-paleo, I just want to eat something that somebody else has made.  Hmm, maybe a trip to the deli case tonight is in order. 

Speaking of paleo -- and really, when am I not these days? -- we had a birthday celebration at our office for one of my coworkers.  We ordered in from a restaurant, and this was my first time doing that on paleo.  They even had steak-type stuff on the menu; I was really tempted to order prime rib with a side of asparagus.  Instead, I got a great salad with arugula.... well, that part wasn't great.  I detest arugula.  It tastes great but visually, it's lawn clippings people.  The leaves look like weeds and in this batch there were even things with stalks and flowers.  In my salad!  Lawn clippings!!  I tried not to look at what I was eating.  Which really was good:  arugula with apples, pears, grapes, and walnuts with a lemon vinaigrette dressing that was absolutely fantastic (I need to try to replicate that dressing). 

It also had cheese, which is not paleo.  I guess my brain skipped over that it had cheese, although it really was the best paleo salad choice out of their menu.  It was something like gorgonzola too, so not only do I love that kind of cheese but it was crumbly and kind of hard to avoid.  I ended up having a little bit.  I was going to have all of it, but it started to seem much too rich about halfway through my salad and so I picked out all of the chunks I could after that. 

I wasn't sure how it was going to sit on my stomach and for a while it seemed like it was gonna be startin somethin then it went away.  This was Tuesday.  Last night, I learned the cheese was apparently lying in wait for me to let my guard down; I had a stomach ache all night.  And I didn't even eat that much!  Maybe an ounce, about the size of my thumb. 

Still, a pretty damn good salad.  And maybe my stomach hurt from something else.  I really haven't been feeling 100% lately.  My plan is to take a mental health day tomorrow.  Oops, now that looks like it won't be the case.  Fuck.  Whatever.

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