Thursday, August 12, 2010

Holding out is hard

Day 11 of my paleo challenge and I am still going strong struggling with cravings.  But I am still sticking to it.  It isn't easy though.

See that plate?  See that big bulge on the plate?  That would be a piece of Starbucks' berry coffee cake.  I know this because (a) I have eyes and opposable thumbs, and (b) because I'm the one who bought it.

Yesterday morning I was up about an hour and a half before usual because I had a hair appointment downtown at 7:00 a.m.  I figured it would be a four soda day (kind of like a three dog night) as it was, but as I drove into work I thought longingly about how easy it would be to stop off at any of the eight Starbucks between downtown and my office and get a mocha. 

But I stayed strong and I did not get a coffee.  Then, about an hour later, my boss asks if I would mind making a coffee run and picking up some goodies because he hasn't had breakfast.  So I went, and I got lattes for my boss and my coworker and nothing for myself.  I also got lemon pound cake and a blueberry scone and the berry coffee cake and also nothing for myself.  And I haven't had any yet.  Even though it is in there, freshly and moistly and deliciously mocking me. 

So I'm having a banana.

It wouldn't have been such a big deal to have the mocha or the coffee cake in the short term or even in the grand scheme of things, but the cravings are finally starting to fade and I just don't want to go through that all again.  Or make the torture of the first week and a half meaningless.  I ran errands last night after work.  Usually that's an excuse to pick up dinner on the way home, and I passed at least a half dozen places where in the past I would have stopped to get something.  I did end up picking up dinner, but it was meatballs and chicken from the deli so still paleo. 

Yeah, I don't know what's come over me either.

My boss is out of town at a car auction and one of my coworkers is out sick so it's been really quiet here today.  After snapping a pic of the taunting coffee cake, I thought I'd do a few of my office.

This is where the magic happens.   My desk is pretty clean because I get antsy when there's too much stuff.  Plus I tend to lose things that way and we have so many files that if you stick something in the wrong file, good luck ever finding it again.  At least within a twelve month period.

This is more of the entertainment side of the office.  I have a nice, cushy loveseat with a blankie and a stereo.  When I'm really busy, this area ends up full of boxes of files that I am working on, going to work on, or have already worked on. 

The bigger picture of the office, so you can get an idea of the size.  I think it is about 17'x15'.  I know it's bigger than my bedroom at home.    The bookcases hold a lot of my office collection.  Like in the top right corner of the right hand bookcase, that's the head of a pinata wearing goofy sunglasses.  We got a pinata for a Cinco de Mayo party one year, and my boss finally managed to decapitate the pinata.  With a number three wood.  His name is Skippy.  The pinata, not my boss or the driver.  I also have a Scorpio Pooh, a dancing mouse, a pink bunny peep plush that my boss's dog got hold of one day when I was out sick and she (the dog) gutted the poor thing, a ray gun I picked up at a trade show.  Just various things that have come through the office that amused me.

This is my view.   You can't see it in this picture, or very well from my window because there are a lot of trees up here, but our office is across the street from a rec center.  Still I never manage to get to the gym. 

If I put my head up against my window and look east, I can just see Mt. Hood if the day is clear and there aren't any leaves on the other trees. 

The other side of my office with my wall of shame fame.  The top piece of paper on the wall there commemorates the day (7/25/06) I chased a bird through our office for about three hours before I finally caught it and released it back outside.  The paper has one of the bird's feathers on it.  (It was a slow day at the office, I think my boss was in France for a month on holiday at the time.)

I do like my office.  Which is good, because I'm here an awful lot. 

Tomorrow is the CATnip 5K.  Not looking forward to an evening race where it's forecast to be 90 to 95 degrees but it's for a good cause and the tech tee is probably going to become my new favorite.  Although now I don't think I'll be wearing it for the race; it's black.  Last time I ran an evening race in this kind of weather was the Starlite Run 5K last year.  I better pack extra water in the car.  And maybe a paramedic.

the CilleyGirl

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