Sunday, August 8, 2010

Before she cheats...

...she should make certain that the Coldstone Creamery she is heading to is in fact still there.  Just a little tip, from you to me.

So.  Today I almost cheated. 

I had to bag my race this morning.  I woke up feeling like I'd swallowed a bottle of paste and it was all stuck in the middle of my throat.  Not a good feeling.  Rather achy, actually.  I decided running wouldn't be good for anyone involved.  Instead I dug out some robitussin and went back to bed. 

I woke up with my throat feeling a lot better but on the whole I was tired and headachy.  I returned a friend's call first thing; she advised I should record my voice mail message while I sounded like Kathleen Turner. 

I had to go to the library in the afternoon so I made myself presentable (translation:  put on a bra) and did that.  On the way back, I thought about how I still felt pretty blah and decided I needed ice cream.  From Coldstone Creamery.  I knew I shouldn't, and that I would not be happy with myself later, but I just felt so lousy.  I went past the turn off to my house and headed towards the ice cream shop.

Only to find that it was closed!  And not just closed, business hours are over.  Closed as in, this space for lease. 

I was actually relieved to find out that was the case.  I did pull out my phone to see where the nearest open location was, but decided against driving there since it was not all that close.  I headed home.

Where I prepared, among other things, grilled scallops and a broccoli-carrot stir fry for dinner.  No comparison to the peanut butter chocolate catastrophe I'd been thinking about, but infinitely much better for my body.  I marinated the scallops in a little walnut oil, fresh lemon juice, some orange juice, and spices.  I made up the broccoli-carrot stir fry, with walnut oil with minced garlic and some powdered ginger.  Next time I'd used a little less oil since the broccoli tends to suck it up like a sponge and it took a long time until they were cooked enough (at least to my taste), but the carrots tasted fabulous like this.  Next time I might just do the carrots on their own. 

My weekend was otherwise fairly uneventful so I'll post a few pics from last weekend.

the CilleyGirl

From my run last weekend.  Between my bodybugg, my iPod, and my Garmin I felt like the Borg.  Resistance is futile!

From the county fair last weekend.  I love funky looking chickens.

My hair!  My hair!

This little guy was one day old.

Dreaming of Coldstone Creamery.

Dinner last week.  Go paleo!

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  1. that piglet is the cutest damn thing ever...except for maybe these ones...