Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday

This was obviously supposed to have been posted yesterday, but Blogger went to read-only status right when I went to post it.  I forgot to put it up later on in the evening since I went to bed so early.  Feeling a lot better today!

Howdy all!  Sorry I've been a bit MIA, the demands of work and the siren call of sleep continue to battle for dominance in my life. 
Training continues to go well, knock on wood.  Saturday's eight mile run was great and while I was happy to finish I felt as though I could've gone a little faster, a little longer.  But the third lure in my life -- food -- won out over everything.  It was a great post-run omelette too.  Today's five miler was even better, despite getting up at o'dark thirty to do it.  Yawn.  Except for a persistently sore hip flexor and a few twinges at the stress fracture site, I felt fantastic for this run.  Even with the addition of this killer hill.  We ran it twice during our run, first time we made it about halfway up before walking and the second time we made it about three-quarters of the way up.  Funny how a hill like that can make running on that flat seem so easy afterwards!

Summer colds have been going around -- Jules had a touch of one last week and now my office mates are starting to fall.  I thought it was going to pass me by, but heading on towards noon my throat started to get scratchy and here at the end of the work day I'm feeling feverish and headachy.  Time to add Nyquil to tonight's grocery list.  Hopefully a big slug of that and an early night (tomorrow's run is only three miles, don't have to get up so early for that one) will knock it out.  We adjusted the schedule this week so that we're running four days in a row, including a Friday evening race, the CATnip 5K. I ran it (and melted during it) last year and it was a well organized race with a nice tech tee, plus it's for a good cause. And Saturday's (now Sunday's, we changed things up again since Julie's son is going for his green belt on Saturday.  Yay Nicholas!) long run is ten miles. 

Off to slog through the last few minutes at the office, then home to rest. 

the CilleyGirl

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  1. I wanna do the CATNip 5K!
    I've been MIA, too. Let's start a club!

    You guys are on fire with the running .... still! I need this to rub off on me.