Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thirteen Things Thursday

1.  I'm feeling much better today.  Yay!

2.  I found out yesterday that the author of my favorite comic strip, Pearls Before Swine, is coming on tour to Portland on my birthday.  Yay!  (okay, no kitty this time)  I'm hoping that since it will be my birthday, he'll do a particular Pig drawing for me.  My favorite Pig of all time is Pig with wings and a wand and he's joyously sprinkling fairy dust.  I haven't been able to find it in a postable format to show you here, but this is what I plan to get for my next tattoo.  I'm thinking I'll put it on my hip.  So it will look like he's sprinkling fairy dust on my hoo ha.

Pig, in more innocent times.

3.  Do a little dance.  Make a little love.  Get down tonight.  That is all.

4.  That issue with my hip -- well, more of a feeling like a knife was being plunged into my hip every time I moved than an "issue" -- was almost completely resolved once I managed to pop my back last night.  Apparently something was out of whack.  Once it popped, about 80% of the pain went away instantly and the rest worked itself out in this morning's three miler. 

5.  We ran the entire three miler this morning with only one stop midway for water.  Nicely to finally be feeling back in the groove.  Only took four and a half weeks.

6.  Got my hotel and all that set up for the Eugene Women's Half on September 4.  If any readers are doing this race and want to meet up, send me an e-mail at cilleygirl (at) comcast (dot) net.  Sounds like we'll be rolling into town around 3:00 on Saturday, we'll hit the Saturday market for packet pick up and maybe a little shopping, and then we'll be off to a carb friendly dinner.  If you're familiar with Eugene and can recommend a good place for dinner, let me know.  I have no clue.  Mazzi's looks really good...  No vegetarian, please, that's just cruel.

7.  The scale FINALLY started moving dowards.  From 199.0 last week to 197.8 this week.  That's even in anticipation of TOM so I could even be lighter. 

8.  Of course, I celebrated by buying lots of frozen hashbrowns and sausage gravy.  Okay, not really.  I didn't buy any gravy.

9.  I was chatting this week with one of my best friends whom I've known since 10th grade.  I consider her my sister (we're both sort of only children, did a lot of our own raising, yadda yadda yadda) and you'll hear me refer to her kids as my nephew (actually my godson) and nieces.  Anyhow, her middle child who is secretly my favorite just turned 11 this month.  My friend said she got her a book on body changes for her birthday, to which I responded that I had COMPLETELY forgot about that aspect of them growing up.  Which I had.  I can picture them as starting to drive and stuff, just never really thought about the middle part of it all.  That's got to be weird for a parent.

10.  All of that also made me realize that I'm pretty sure I remember the exact date on which I had my first period.  Not necessarily because of that, but because it was the same day I met my stepmother-to-be for the first time.  I was a little bitchy that day.  I found out why when I got home. 

11.  This morning I have had a hummingbird and a big yellow and black butterfly outside my office window.  I'm a lucky girl.

12.  Very sad to hear that Eureka is officially cancelled.  Rumour has it that it is too expensive to produce so it's being cut for the bottom line -- just like what happened with Farscape.  Great, fuck quality entertainment, we need another gold-plated Ferrari!  I fear for the intelligence of the human race, I truly do.

13.  Lots of actually sad things going on in the world right now.  It would depress me to name them so I won't.  I do feel obligated, however, to say this to you:  Boobies.

My work here is done.  Happy Thursday everyone :)

the CilleyGirl


  1. I love 13 things Thursday!

    I hated that in-between time. I totally remember getting my first period. There were tears. And major embarrassment, even though I was just home alone with my mom. My dad was a dick. I probably would have gotten in trouble for getting it had he been the one home. I got in trouble for wearing a training bra. Douche head.

    Mazzi's is really good! I love their pizza. Don't get the penne vegetarian dish. I got it. It was only okay. I wouldn't order it again. Their dinners rolls are soooo delicious!

    I'm still giggling about the pig and your hoo-haa. Fabulous idea! I just love your spunkiness!

  2. You know why I like coming to your blog so much? It's like hanging out at home. I just always feel so comfortable here. I can say bad words and you won't scold me. And your dogs are way cute. And you cook wiener shaped food.

    Anyway, I just had to share that. **Ssh, don't tell people I play favorites ... but I totally do.

  3. I love "Pearls Before Swine"!!! Best strip out there.