Monday, August 22, 2011

Mirteen Mings Monday

1.  Because it's my blog, dammit, and I can do what I want.  Plus that cold I've been fighting finally caught up with me and I've barely been on a computer for the past four days so I didn't get to do my planned TTT last week.  Not that I'm doing it today, I'm just still not feeling all that fabulous and numbers are easier.

2.  So, being sick.  No fun.  Slogged through Thursday's run, left work early Thursday and Friday because I was staring off into space from the cold meds.  Which weren't stopping me from coughing for two hours straight.  Might as well do that at home (staring and coughing). 

3.  I did do the scheduled 11 miler on Saturday.  Where the temp was already pushing 70 at 6:00 a.m. and climbed ten degrees by the time we were done.  Julie kept telling me it was burning the germs right out of me. 

4.  Had the slowest service at breakfast post-run.  The manager got annoyed that the waitress still hadn't taken our order and the people across from us so he came to take the other people's order.  Who proceeded to take about ten minutes to order.  One of those "well, I can't decide between these two things, what do you recommend?" AND the husband still didn't know what he wanted.  So then he didn't take our order.  Gah.  Once the waitress did finally come, it took us 30 seconds. 

5.  I've been tracking some of our split times on our runs.  We start out slow, around 14:30 and then speed up.  By a half mile we're going about two minutes per mile faster.  On many days at the end of our track workouts we're in the low 11s to finish out the run.  Last Saturday we ran our second five miles only a minute slower than the first five (ten mile run total).  This Saturday our second four miles were a full minute faster than our first four.  I think.  I was on cold meds and I haven't downloaded my Garmin yet.  I also need to set up my Garmin to automatically lap at each mile so I don't have to remember to do it. 

6.  Today's run sucked.  You can't even call it a run.  I think we ran 0.60 miles total.  Except for Saturday's run, since around 2:00 p.m. Friday afternoon all I've done is hold down my couch.  Most strenuous thing I did was carry the laundry hamper down stairs.  As a result, I was very stiff today, particularly my right leg from the low back down.  I definitely know I have a healing stress fracture.  The worst is that my right piriformis muscle and the right side of my sacrum are all mucked up.  I rolled my left ankle Saturday morning which didn't have much of an effect on the ankle but jolted my back pretty good.  Either the piriformis is pulling the sacrum out or vice versa, but either way it's radiating down my leg. 

7.  I find it amusing how well runners and athletes in general have a good working knowledge of the human body.  Plus I started with chiropractic in high school (my mom managed and I later worked at a chiro clinic) and for a long time I wanted to be a veterinarian so I do know my body parts.  Used to know the name of every bone in the body except for the specific finger and toe bones that have names beyond phalanges.

8.  Phalanges, phalanges, phalanges. 

9.  I also knew all of the muscles.  It was a good way to hit on guys.  "Poor baby, do you want me to rub your sartorius muscle?" 

10.  I actually did that in 11th grade to this guy who sat in front of me in math class.  He wasn't in anatomy class, but the guy who sat next to us was and he was cracking up.  Neither of us would tell the third guy what the sartorius muscle was.  The third guy (my crush) did let me practice memorizing the names of all the muscles in his back and shoulders.  He had great shoulders.  Le sigh.

11.  It's T minus four until my Mom gets here on Friday for a long weekend.  I'm taking her to see Huey Lewis & the News play at the zoo as an early birthday present.  This is I think the fourth time we've seen them; let's see, Puyallup Fair twice, Chinook Winds once, then the zoo.  Yep, four.  We loves us some Huey.  Still missing Chris Hayes from the lineup though, it's about 90% the same sound with his replacement but just not all the way there.

12.  Yes, I am a freak.  I've also seen Barry Manilow at least three times.  With my Mom it's Huey, with my Dad it's Barry.  Last time he got us fifth row tickets, this was when Barry toured with a full orchestra.  It was awesome.

13.  Tired now.  Lunch time.  Boobies!

the CilleyGirl



  1. Props for getting out there and doing 11 when it is warm and you aren't feeling well. Doesn't it suck to be sick on some of the few beautiful summer days we have had in the PNW this year?

  2. Oh. My. Gosh.

    Another reason you are awesome.

    My friend and I went to see them at the fair 2 summers ago (Hey, I am wearing the shirt I saw them in RIGHT NOW!). We were loving us some Huey and his tooshie. Seriously, for an older dude he had a nice backside. We know - we have many pictures of it. Such a fun time! Have fun - send him my love!