Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thirteen Things Thursday

1.  I swear 90% of my time at the office is spent repeating things to people.

2.  I said, I swear 90% of my time at the office is spent repeating things to people.

3.  Seriously.  Ninety percent.  And if it's not repeating things, it's re-sending things.  Over and over and over.  It's like Groundhog Day but infinitely more annoying because you know the people you're dealing with don't have that whole supernatural amnesia thing as an excuse.  They just weren't paying attention the first twelve times.

4.  Then I get asked why this task or that task hasn't been completed.  And the answer is always something like "Because you forgot the conversation we had three weeks ago where we decided it wasn't necessary for me to print out 3,000 pages of documents that you won't even bother to review, but today -- the last day before I take a long weekend -- you decided you do want me to print out 3,000 pages of documents.  That you haven't bothered to review yet."

5.  I've taken the past two days off of running due to some stress fracture related -- and maybe not related -- issues.  Tuesday that leg was hurting a lot, even if I wasn't putting any weight on it, so Julie and I talked and I decided to take Wednesday's six miler off.  My leg felt okay when I got up Wednesday morning but then a few minutes later in the shower I took a step and something went "SPROING!" in that leg.  It was very weird, particularly since it seemed to be about five inches away from where the stress fracture point is.  Maybe a muscle cramp/charley horse?  We did some calf stretches at yoga Tuesday night, I thought I might have strained a muscle then.  Yesterday I wore my compression socks AND my aircast.  So I also took today off. 

6.  Today my leg feels okay.  No complaints from the site of the healing stress fracture.  However.... dun dun dun!  I have a different spot about four inches below the original stress fracture that is awfully tender along the tibia.  Hmmm.  We are cutting back the weekly mileage for a couple of weeks to see if that helps things.

7.  My mom comes to town tomorrow for a long weekend.  I really need the time away from the office before my head explodes.  The stress level at work has been much higher than normal thanks to extended vacations (not mine) over the past six weeks plus the raise issue (no answer yet) plus dealing with my dogs at home.  In other words, just no place to have nice, peaceful down time. 

8.  I am about ready to swear off carrots.  At least, the raw baby carrots ones that are mass produced from carrot remnants and taste like nothing.  Have you had an actual carrot lately?  One from the farmer's market or your own garden, I mean.  The taste is soooo much better, it's like carrots on steroids.  But they involve actual prep time of peeling and slicing so I don't eat them.  Interestingly, if you take the time to cut up the baby carrots they taste a lot better.  Still, time is a factor.  I have to work this out before I stop eating veggies all together.

9.  The reason the baby carrots taste like nothing is because you can't find a bag of baby carrots that aren't swimming in water.  Then they sit and develop an outler layer of tasteless mush.  Have you noticed this?  I look at ten or twelve bags of baby carrots in the market, trying to determine which one has been marinated in the least amount of water.  Surely we can develop a bag that keeps our carrots from drying out without drowning them. 

10.  After the siding repair at my apartment, during which I learned the original construction did not have a sheet of plywood over the studs between them and the siding, my place retains heat like crazy.  This should be fabulous in the winter.  Right now, it sucks.  Granted it hasn't been cooling down all that much in the evenings here over the past week but my apartment was still at 73 degrees this morning.  Having a window fan blow on me all night long leads to odd dreams.  I won't even try to explain the one I had last night. 

11.  Have I mentioned how absolutely thrilled I am to have a four day weekend?

12.  And..... boss is not likely coming back to the office from lunch.  I need my own business.

13.  But since I work for da man I guess I ought to go finish that work. 

the CilleyGirl 

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  1. This leg stuff makes the grandma in me worry. Yeah - I started taking those swimming classes and I'm no longer 32 and 3/4. I seem to have jumped to 62 and 3/2. So now I will worry worry worry and talk to you about my sagging boobs and those young kids wearing full make up at the gym these days.

    See? I'm so old I lose my point and go off on tangents.

    I don't like carrots. And I can totally see that layer of film you are talking about. Gross!