Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Run 0 Miles. Lose Three Pounds.

Now this is a completely what the fuck.

The stress fracture leg was bothering me yesterday so at o'dark thirty I texted Julie to bail on our planned run.  It's much better today but for the rest of training I'm going to need a rest day following our long run -- We had actually planned that we might not run yesterday just for this reason plus Julie had some hip flexor/glutes issues. 

On top of the leg issue, that summer cold that is going is trying to get its hooks into me yet again.  I was on cold medicine yesterday, absolutely dragging by late afternoon, and in bed with a NyQuil chaser by 8:30.  I've got a nagging sinus headache today but so far that all seems to be better too.

I ended yesterday with just over the 1,500 calories MyFitnessPal recommended for me.  (I think I'm going to bump that up to around 1,750 but that's another story.)  Went to bed early as I said.... and hopped on the scale this morning to find myself back down to 197.6 and a three pound loss over yesterday.  Again, WTF?

Apparently, exercise makes you fat.  Or perhaps I should say, exercise makes ME fat.


In other news, as you know Friday was the CATnip 5K.  I was just looking back at last year's race recap.  I had started to think I may have been exaggerating how hot it was this time last year, but nope.  It was 95 degrees for last year's race.  This year it was only around 85 but the heat was still brutal.  I took my handheld filled with gatorade with me this year and it made all the difference.  Last year I ran in 0:42:04, this year it was 0:40:22.  Not bad!  In both races I felt like I could've PRd but that heat just sucks everything out of you.  Plus there is this short but STEEP hill right at 2.75 miles.  That's just mean.

After the race they do a fast street mile (the Mouse Miler).  Julie's son Nicholas ran it this year.  We were both too tired to try to run a fast mile -- we both finished the 5K shortly before the mile began -- but luckily a friend volunteered to run it with him.  We were waiting for them to come down the last stretch and saw the front runners come through, these two twin men (38 years old) who finished in 4:25.  That's four MINUTES and twenty-five seconds, people.  I can run a quarter mile in four minutes.  And get this:  a FIVE year old ran it in 13:01.  I feel so slow.

I borrowed this from the CATnip website.  Julie and I and her family are circled.  I'm the one in red with the arrows pointing at me; Julie is next to me in gray.  It's a low key race but still well done.  I even managed to grab a slice of the pizza this year!

the CilleyGirl


  1. It is a good thing I can type, because I can't talk. Why? Because my jaw dropped to the floor. 4:25?? Damn! And 13 minutes at age 5? Double damn!

    Pretty sure since I started running I've put on 10 pounds ... and not any of this "it's muscle weight" crap either.

  2. Ha ha, you should know by now Cilley scales are full of shit! They don't tell you anything but an arbitrary number. Start measuring yourself, and tell your scale to go fuck itself!

  3. I know, I know -- but my clothes weren't fitting and I wanted to assess the damage. Plus I'm too lazy to measure myself. And I'm not sure I have a measuring tape that long ;)

    I did recently see a blurb about a scale that doesn't tell you your weight but rather whatever the difference is between now and your last weigh in. I think that would be a nifty feature to have in a scale. Less focus on the number, more on the actual progress.