Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday, aka What I've Been Doing Since Obviously I Haven't Been Here

1.  Hanging with my momma.  We ate chinese food, we went to bed at absurdly early hours, we had breakfast with Julie, we bought more plants.  We did something about which I am forbidden, on pain of death, to write about here.  Mom is NO fun :(  But I did tell Julie and she cracked up.  We think our moms should meet. 

2.  We also saw Huey Lewis and da News!  The zoo was packed and the weather was hot.  I think they oversold the show.  The guy who opened was kinda bluesy and while the music was decent it was putting us to sleep as he played about a 45 minute set.  Huey and the band still sound great but half of their 10-12 song set list was from their new album Soulsville.  Which again, good music but not quite what I wanted.  And they had two women in their band.  Women!  Sacrilege!!  Huey is all about the boys in the band.  But then..... Chris Hayes played the encore!!!  Wait, that's not enough exclamation points:  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you are a hard core Huey fan like me, then this would also be a big deal to you.  For those who aren't, Chris Hayes is the band's original guitarist.  Not only is he a great musician, he also wrote or co-wrote many of the band's hits.  He left around 2004 to focus on his family and the band's sound hasn't been quite right (to me) since he left.  It's about 95% of the way there, but just a little off.  So I practically hyperventilated when they announced Chris was there.  I did get one good picture of the band on stage (we were waaay in the "I will crush your head" back of the audience) that I will post later.

3.  I also ran.  We did eleven of our planned 12 miles on Saturday.  I was not feeling it, and neither was Julie, so we cut it short.  Later I figured out that my sicky bug is back. 

4.  I figured this out when I fell asleep on my couch after my mom left Monday morning and slept nearly nine hours on my day off, this after I'd already gotten at least nine hours of sleep in already.  I've mentioned this before:  I NEVER sleep on the couch, unless I am sick.  I know a lot of people who nod off while watching whatever, but I just do not.  I also slept in until 1:30 in the afternoon on Friday, getting up not long before my mom arrived.  I still feel like I could sleep a week, plus I'm "ahem'ing" so much from the frog in my throat that everyone thinks I'm trying to interrupt them all the time. 

5.  I saw a coyote Tuesday morning, just around the corner from my house as I headed in to work.  And not a roadkill coyote.  An "excuse me, have you seen any cats or perhaps small dogs outside" coyote.  And granted, I live in the suburbs and Portland has a lot of green space but it's still rather urban where I am.  It was a surprising encounter, and I was glad I was in my car when it happened.  We ran this morning and noticed every rustle of the bushes around us, particularly as we walked past the little wilderness park at the end of my street. 

6.  Yoga and I continue to have an uneasy relationship.  Everyone says that it will help strengthen my back to continue with it, but it's tough to go do something you know will cause serious pain.  Last night through many of the positions my limbs were twitching uncontrollably as my back spasmed.  I almost couldn't get into my car because of a back spasm, and I couldn't get back out either.  Then some of the yoga positions that don't bother my back I can't do because I've got ten pounds of breastage.  Like cobra?  Ahahahahahahahahaha!  Not going to happen.  Not without a pneumatic lift.  Do they make a bra like that?

7.  It is supposed to be back up to almost 90 for the women's half marathon this weekend.  Yippee. 

8.  I've gotten hooked on a show that is actually no longer on the air but runs in syndication:  The Unit.  Ever see it?  It is a fictionalized account of a military group like Delta Force and their families.  Absolutely fascinating.  And the men in it are hot.  And there's only so much Law & Order a girl can watch.

the CilleyGirl


  1. hi jen, fun to meet on saturday and look forward to following your blog. hope you had a great race!

  2. You haven't shared the Huey photo yet!! How was his ass?? Did you check it out for me?? When I saw him, and when we weren't singing along or dancing, we were busy zooming in taking photos of his tushy!

    My aunt lives in Lake Oswego and I think she said they had a mountain lion in their neighborhood for a while, so the coyote doesn't shock me at all! I want to see one!! (From a safe, secure location, of course.)