Sunday, November 28, 2010

An all-around weird run

I've been sucky about doing my weekly runs but have been trying to stick to my long run schedule.  Today had an eight-miler on tap. 

I really didn't feel like going, but it wasn't raining and I needed the miles in prep for the half.  So I got dressed and looked up a route and off I went.

I decided to go out to Marine Drive to run along the Columbia River. 

I hadn't been out there since early in my marathon training this year, probably around March.  This trail is part of the 40-Mile Loop.  Today I started out at Broughton Beach, then ran down to the I-205 bridge and back.

It ended up being absolutely beautiful out there.  It's windy, what with being on the water, but the sun came out and the temp wasn't too bad.

Of course, on the other side it's not so scenic.  The part with the Portland airport and its towers is okay, but then you get to the beautiful vista of long-term airport parking against the stunning backdrop of a big-ass Ikea sign. 

I didn't take any pictures of that.  I did take pictures of the birds, including a heron that was in the middle of eating its lunch.  Which was a mouse or a rat.  Since I run without my glasses or my contacts, I didn't know that thing in his mouth was a small creature.  So cool!!!

Luckily the scenery was absolutely beautiful because the run itself sucked.  My decongestant hadn't kicked in for at least the first mile so I had a hard time breathing.  I felt excessively bouncy the whole time, like the Michelin Man going for a jog.  I lost my Nike+ chip somewhere.... I know I put it in the bag with all my running gadgets but couldn't find it anywhere when I got to the trailhead.  Hopefully it's somewhere in my car.  Then, once my breathing evened out my legs started to feel like lead and my hip began aching.  Oh, and my toe was rubbing in my shoe.

On the bouncy part, I discovered when I got home that I'd worn the wrong bra.  Apparently when you've hung your black sports bra next to your black non-sports bra, you really need to pay attention to which one you're putting on.  In the middle of my run, I had the underwire up in the middle of one of my breasts so I had to stop and get the girls back in place.  My bra was wet and cold the whole run, the straps were digging in, the aforementioned slippage issues, plus being a few days out from my TOM any bouncing hurt. 

I can't believe I didn't notice.  They are so absolutely different it's not even funny.

Well, at least it was beautiful out.

the CilleyGirl


  1. STUNNING pictures CG...I am excessively jealous of all that big wide Oregon sky...and well done on sticking with your running especially in the colder WIL reach your goal and kick it's ASS!

  2. Those heron pictures are so cool! I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to stop and gaze at the long-term parking lots.....

    Don't we all hate those lots? I love to travel, but that is just so dreadful!

    And here when you said "bouncy" I thought you meant you were bouncing up and down - like a gazelle or bunny --- didn't realize it was the girls that were bouncing. You are so funny!