Friday, November 12, 2010

Do your triglycerides hang low, do they wobble to and fro....

I guess "triglycerides" doesn't really work for that song, does it?  But now you'll have it stuck in your head all day -- MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Got a call yesterday (Thursday) in response to the blood work I'd just had done on Wednesday.  My triglycerides are too high, they wanted me to come in for an appointment to discuss medication, etc.  While it is never fun to get a call like that (particularly the "let's add a new med" part), we did discover that the clinic had lost my appointment scheduled for next week -- which was why I was getting the blood work done.  Long story short, I now have an appointment for the day after Thanksgiving. 

And now I'm consulting Dr. Internet to see what it all means to have high triglycerides.

My doc and I had been watching them for a while now.  I haven't seen my current blood work numbers yet, but over the past few years I've had decent cholesterol numbers but high triglycerides and a blood sugar level that has been slowly creeping up.   I'm not going to get into what I could now have, but rather I am looking at what causes high triglycerides and how to bring them down.  Ideally, without more meds.  Overall, it seems that the main causes of high triglyceries are (1) being a sugar fiend, (2) being a big drinker, or (3) undiagnosed diabetes. 

On the sugar front, I don't really eat candy.  I've got a dish of dark chocolate Hershey kisses sitting in my living room that have been there for more than a year now.  I forget they're there.  About once a month -- as you might expect -- I might crave chocolate.  Otherwise I'm usually all tucked in bed before I remember I was thinking about having a piece of chocolate after dinner.  I don't do cakes or brownies or cookies at home.  Treats are mostly a work thing and except in times of great stress (second half of June and second half of December) I rarely indulge.  Although I do confess I had a chocolate croissant for breakfast.  I also followed it up with a banana and a lot of water.

Maybe I have hidden sources of sugar in my diet? I don't eat much refined foods, like pre-packaged stuff. I do a lot from scratch.  I haven't been eating many grains for a few months now.  My main sources of HFCS would have to be bottled salad dressings (and I look for those without HFCS) and condiments.  I drink diet soda, yes, and this time of year I can end up drinking a lot; am I faking out my system with aspartame?

As for being a booze hound, I also don't drink much alcohol.  I do 99% of my drinking at the office.  What can I say, we like our office cocktail hour.  Depending on the time of year -- i.e., our stress levels -- I have maybe a flute of champagne every couple of weeks. 

So that leaves diabetes.  Hmm.  I'll save that for later.

Thankfully, because I really really really suck as a vegetarian, Dr. Internet says that triglycerides are not affected by the fat in your diet.  When I'm being a good little paleo girl, I'm eating about half meat and half fruits and veggies.   But, as we all know, any excess calories would be converted into fat; Dr. Internet says usually to triglycerides.  I am well aware of my capacity to eat too much. 

Guess I've got an increased urge in urgency on these lifestyle changes I haven't been implementing lately.

the CilleyGirl


  1. first of all...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new blog theme (Operation Sexy Back) is so cool and I am so jealous I did not think of it first ;oP
    Second...wait and see what they say about the blood work and don't feel pressured into getting a new med unless they can categorically prove that you will be insanely unwell without it...and even if they can prove that, take it for 2 months and then decide (with your Dr, but above all listen to your own instinct) if you still need it....
    I am so proud of what you are doing for yourself, taking control of your life and your future and I am looking forward to seeing and reading about the results along the way...

    Let's sexy the hell outta this unsuspecting world!!!
    RG xx

  2. High triglycerides are from all carbs, not just sugars. The way to get them down is to go on a low carb diet. Since going moderate carb paleo mine have been either in the 60s or 70s. (Moderate carb means I eat fruit, but no starches. When I drank some OJ they were in the 70s. Without OJ in the 60s.)

    You didn't state what your HDL is. Besides exercise, the way to get them up is to eat saturated fat.

  3. Thanks for the info Don :) This reinforces my belief that paleo is the best way for me to eat to get healthy.