Sunday, November 7, 2010

Anybody know what time it is?

Although for the first time in literally years, I remembered when I first woke up that the clocks had changed.  Usually I forget (and I don't change them the night before) then it takes me until the evening to realize it's not what time I think it is.

So, a busy Saturday (ran three miles, got the car's oil changed and radiator flushed, renewed my car tabs, went in to work, got a migraine) followed by a lazy Sunday (couch, couch, couch, grocery shopping, couch couch couch).  Except for the migraine, a pretty good weekend. 

I realized tonight that it sucks to be a good cook sometimes because then it's too easy to eat too much.  I made this amazing honey mustard sauce for my chicken and my oven roasted potatos and ended up eating all of the potatos.  And these were oven roasted potatos made from a HUGE potato-zilla.  This potato was about ten inches long and about six inches around.  This potato would be a major star in the porno world.

Boy, was that sauce good.  I need smaller potatos.

My Saturday run was ugggggggly.  It was around 54 degrees and in between rain storms, so cold and damp.  Immediately triggered my exercise asthma, which is why I went outside to run in the first place -- to get used to having it triggered.  I need to not be all panicky after it happens; I'm afraid to give it my all in a run lest it be triggered again and even worse.  Given that the upcoming Holiday Half half marathon will be in the cold and damp, I need to get past this. 

But I did get the miles done.  Then I got a migraine.  Which is something else I need to get past.  Only when I've been training regularly do I not get bad headaches after a run.  I hate being incapacitated by those damn things.

Back on to the training plan this week!  The schedule is across the room so I can't post it here yet, I'll do it later.

Here's to having a great week for us all!

the CilleyGirl

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