Friday, November 5, 2010

A day for being a bitch kitty.

I've been feeling a bit disappointed lately as I make my way through blog world. 

On one hand, I am disappointed that I haven't been doing much while others are easily* having great success.  They're eating less and moving more and it is showing in decreased weight and increased health.  The true disappointment here is that I can do it.  I know I can.  But for a myriad of reasons and excuses and rationalizations I'm not.  In other words, I'm disappointed in myself.   Gripe gripe, whine whine, get off your ass CilleyGirl and do something about it. 

On the other hand, I am disappointed that for some it has been easy*, because they've gone a different route.  The medical route.   They're getting injections or a lap band or gastric bypass or on meal replacement therapy.  And while I can try to appreciate what they've gone through to make this decision, more ultimately I feel like they're cheating.  They've gone for the quick fix when what should be keeping all of us going is that there is no quick fix. 

Yet apparently there is.

I believe that with a few exceptions, weight loss is an organic process.  Eat less, eat healthy, move more.  Fairly simple process, very hard -- some days maybe impossible -- to put into practice.  So it decimates my already shaky motivation to realize that I too could lose weight in just a few months not if I work hard but if I got injections and ate only 500 calories per day/had my stomach banded or bypassed/was given meal replacement shakes for a year.  I do not take away any motivation from these people.   I get pissed off.  

Granted, I'm being generic here.  I'm sure there are those who were 100 lbs or more overweight and despite doing everything exactly right for years and years they could not lose the weight and so X, Y, or Z was the only option left to them.  Or are there?  If we're talking you tried for decades and no joy, I'm with you on your decision.  If you're 19 and talking about how you've done everything to lose the weight?  If you've given it sort of your best shot over a few a months and still it's not working?  I call bullshit.  

I've read several people lately where after losing a lot of weight they've gone to a medical methodology to lose the rest.  The common theme seems to be that they're doing it not because nothing else will work, but because the organic process of weight loss is taking too long.  If you've lost the first 80 lbs over two years, good for you.  That's amazing.   It should take you about another year to lose the last 40 lbs.  If it doesn't, why doesn't it?  Have they truly done everything they could to lose the rest, or are they just like fuck, I'm done, I did all the work to lose the weight and I didn't so now just make it happen?

By now, many of you are probably pissed off at me, or at least saying bitch then just don't read those people.   You're right.  And I haven't even gotten into my issues about sponsored bloggers -- the people who get all sorts of free stuff and run a zillion giveaways and have trillions of followers not because they're funny or they've got a great message but because the shit is free.  Okay, lots of them are funny and have a great message but dammit I want my free stuff too.

Anyhow.  My point -- and I do have one -- is that if you're someone like me who picks yourself up out of the dirt every day to try yet again to take one more step forward only to fall flat on your dimpled, chubby ass, you are not alone.  If you think you can't eat one more piece of broccoli without heading out on a rampage to find a weed whacker and a Green Giant grow operation, you are not alone.  If a medical weight loss therapy is all that is left to you, you are not alone.  People have to make their own choices on how to do this.  Some work, some don't.  Some I agree with, some I don't.  But you have to do what works for you.   Who gives a shit what anyone else thinks?  More importantly, who gives a shit about what I think? 

Just me.  So I won't be going the medical route.  I may not keeping reading those who are.  Or maybe I will.

After all, they look fabulous.  There is motivation in that!

the CilleyGirl

*Now, I know it's not easy.  But when you're up bitching on your soapbox, you might as well go all the way with an exaggerated perspective.  Mea culpa.

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  1. Hmmmmm......

    I have no idea why I have a billion followers and companies throw free stuff at me. I'm *hoping* its because I've got something to say, that somehow I'm helping someone. But who knows.

    And I'm someone who firmly believes in "eat less,move more" as the only sustainable weight loss plan. Its hard not to get down when others show temporary success with "quick" fixes, but keep in mind losing slowly means youre more likely to keep it off in the long run. Somehow you have to find peace in yourself, and stop worrying about others journeys.