Monday, December 6, 2010

I am a hipster

Howdy hey all.  I was going to start out with "Hi!  I'm alive!" but that's pretty much how all my posts for the rest of the year would start so I scratched that.  Just assume that if I post something that I am alive.  Or there's a zombie epidemic.  Either way.

Still limping my way through half-marathon training, and for extra added excitement now I'm limping for reals!  I did a ten mile run yesterday and at about mile four remembered that I had forgotten that last week at mile four my hip started to bother me.  I am a hipster.  A limping hipster.  A limping scrimping hipster.  Strumpet.

I have no idea either.

Anyhow.  I have a very tight left hip flexor, which when you first go to type that with cold fingers turns into "tight lip."  Must stretch more.  Hips and fingers.  And this may be a consequence (of the hip thing), but my right calf is tight too.  Luckily not really sore, just tight.  Let me tell you, it is not fun icing various parts of your body when it is so cold out!  Tonight I think I'll lay on the heating pad as I ice my hip flexor.  Perhaps I'll spontaneously combust!!!

Let's see, where was I?  Oh yes, the run.  My ten-miler was better than it seemed.  For the first five miles, I was running into a strong headwind.  I felt like one of those mimes.  I almost got clocked in the head by a pheasant, which was weird but it did solve the problem I had been pondering about how one would spot a dead body off the side of the trail.  I couldn't find where the pheasant went after it landed, and realized that would be exactly how you would stumble across a dead body buried back in the brush. 

Upon checking my Garmin later, I also learned that that portion of the trail is uphill.  Not a huge uphill, but enough that running it with a strong headwind really is a bitch.  I made up some serious time on the five miles back.  My goal for next Sunday's half is still three hours.  Not sure if I'll make it, but that is the goal.  I've also changed my mind about what I'll wear next week; I felt fine with an icy headwind, but once it stopped I was absolutely roasting in my fleece pullover.  So far it's supposed to be low 40s and rainy on Sunday; I'm going to go with two tech tees, one long-sleeved and once short.  That should keep me plenty warm with about the same level of rain-shedding ability.

Ooh look, zombies!

the CilleyGirl


  1. I'm still wrapping my head around the pheasant. So it almost hit you? That would have been crazy - yet an awesome blog post all in itself!

  2. It was wild! I had my headphones on and it came from behind me, so I didn't hear or so it coming but all of a sudden I just had this feeling and I jerked my head down and to the right and it flew by me. I knew right away it was a pheasant -- a duck is more bowling pin shaped whereas a pheasant is tinier up top with a fat bottom. Plus the color difference, this was a big male.

    It would have been an awesome blog post if it had hit me, but I'm glad it didn't!!

  3. (oops, that should be I didn't see it coming.)