Monday, November 22, 2010

Frozen runners and turkey day toss ups

Howdy hey everybody!  I hope that your weekend was fine, frisky and festive.  Or some combination thereof.  Mine was freezing.  Brrrrrr -- I'm still cold!  For some insane reason -- my upcoming half marathon being prominent in there -- I decided that not only would I do my long run on Sunday, but that I would do it outside.  Where it was, and remained, 36 degrees. 

It was just like this.  Except I was on a sidewalk next to a street.  Both were wet.  There were a lot more trees, both evergree and deciduous, and a lot of wet leaves on the ground.  There was no stream or pool of water.  I wasn't wearing a red jacket, shorts, or hiking boots.  I wasn't carrying whatever that it is. 

But otherwise, just like this.

I decided to run outside because (a) I already felt like crap and (b) the half marathon will be outside and in most likely crap weather.  More (b) than (a) here, I'll admit.  I haven't run in the cold cold in maybe ten months so I wanted to practice with cold weather gear.  I wore a short-sleeved, very snug (stupid cinnamon rolls) Pearl Izumi tech tee underneath an REI brand long sleeved fleece-ish running top.  You know, it's fleece on the inside, a wicking water repellant material on the outside, half-zip with the thumbholes.  Also running capris and of course shoes and a ballcap a lululemon headband to keep my ears warm.  I wear the headband over my ballcap, which helps keep my ears warm and my hat on in the event of wind.  I look really dumb but it works. 

I've been browsing running tights today because while I was warm yesterday while I was running, after about a minute back in the car my legs let me know long and loud that their top layer of skin was frozen.  I love the spandex running capris over anything other running pants I have, so it's time to at least get ones that are full length and hopefully slightly warmer.  Not a lot warmer -- I have a pair of Mizuno pants that roast my chestnuts every time -- but just a little bit warmer.

I did 6.5 miles that overall was one big hump.  More or less uphill then down down down, then turnaround and back up up and up and up then a little down and done.  I did a lot better than I thought I'd do, considering it was 36 degrees out and I hadn't run in two weeks and it was hills. 

Now, on to Thanksgiving twaddle.

My best friend locally, with whom I normally do Thanksgiving, just moved to Bend.  Her parents are coming for Thanksgiving to see the new house and I'd go down there too except they haven't set up the house enough for more than one set of guests at a time.  So, I'm going solo for Thanksgiving which is fine by me.  I just can't decide if I'm in the mood for a Thanksgiving dinner this week.  I thought I'd do the pros and cons to help me decide before I head out to the store after work.

PROS:  It's traditional.  I like turkey.  I really really like turkey, mashed potatos, gravy, and yeasty rolls.  Pumpkin pie is good, pumpkin cheesecake even better.

CONS:  Except for the turkey, none of that is paleo.  And it's kind of pricey.  Figure all that would cost at least $30.  For just me.  Plus a couple of hours of prep and then a couple more to cook it all.   Later, I'll have to clean up everything.  I have a small kitchen so it gets dirty fast, plus most birds are much too big to fit into my tiny apartment oven.  And I'd have to make the dessert the night before.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  I'm running the Turkey Trot in the morning and then plan to meander through the zoo, hopefully with Jules.  That means I probably won't get home until close to noon, I'll need to shower, etc.  And I'll be starving when I get home.  I was thinking I'd do my special eggs benedict for brunch as a post-race treat.  That will leave me fairly unhungry until well into the evening.

SO WHY NOT:  Make brunch the main meal that day.  If I was thinking about eating all those Thanksgiving non-paleo calories anyway, why not spend them on something I am in the mood for and that only takes 20 minutes to make.  Then I'll just have something light like soup and fruit for dinner. 

Yeah, I think I'm going to buck the trend and skip a traditional Thanksgiving dinner this week.  I can always do a turkey with all my favorite trimmings at some point in the future (maybe Christmas?) when I am in the mood for turkey.

What are you all doing for Thanksgiving? 

the CilleyGirl


  1. Okay, I'll help you out. Since you might pass on all the traditional Thanksgiving Day food -I'll eat it for you! Except the turkey. But mashed potatoes? Check! Pumpkin pie? Check! Yummy peas? Check!

  2. Heh. I sent you an email, but thought I'd poke my head in here too.

    You may have just guilted me into getting off the fence about Thursday.

    Maybe you could come have dinner at my house!

  3. hope you had a great thanksgiving!