Saturday, November 13, 2010

The numbers

Got my blood work numbers today in the mail.  Here's what came up:

Overall cholesterol (ha!  I started to type "chocolate") is good at 169 -- range is 125-200.

But triglycerides are high at 299 -- range is 30-150.  Oops.

My HDL (good cholesterol) is 39 -- just below the range of 40-75.

And my LDL (bad cholesterol -- damn, keep typing "chocolate") is okay at 70 -- range is less than 130.

On top of that, my blood sugar is at 110 -- range is 60-99.  I think it was 110 last year as well, it's been creeping up over 100 for a few years now.

Definitely want to try to get the opportunity to bring these numbers in line with diet.  I really don't want to add another med to the mix.

In other news, the Cougars had an AWESOME game today.  We beat OSU 31 to 14.  Yay Cougs!!!!

the CilleyGirl

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