Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend pictures

Here are some of the pictures from this weekend's ramblings.

My friend S's coworker Des was the main reason we went wine tasting this weekend.  Des is from the midwest and although she's been to Portland before she'd never been to Multnomah Falls.  Since that's on the way to Hood River, we stopped to show it off.   By the way, these aren't blurry pictures; it's from the heavy mist coming off the falls. 

The bridge below the falls isn't always opened to visitors.  Here's one reason why:

See that big ass piece of rock there?  That fell down from above not all that long ago, made a humongous splash when it happened (as you might expect). 

Since I've got the heights thing, I happily sent S and Des off to make the trek up to the bridge with my camera.  S took the last picture, and she also got a really great close up of the rock in all that mist.

Amazing, isn't it?  Some day soon I need to make the trip down to Silver Falls State Park and take some new pictures of all the falls down there. 

In Hood River proper, there aren't many opportunities to take scenic pictures.  We did take some at the first winery we went to, which was a little ways outside of the town.  The weather was so much nicer than it had been in Portland.

In addition to wine tasting, we stopped at a couple of jewelry stores where I got these:

Each one is about one inch square.  The front is silver and the back is gold toned.  Each opens up to a small space for a picture or something. 

I personally think it's too small for any sort of a picture but I thought maybe pressing a lilac blossom in there would work.   They also had necklaces that said "peace" (just the words) and "imagine" (which had a symbol), my friend S got the latter.  If the "believe" had come with a symbol I would have just gotten that one, but since it did not I couldn't decide between the two.  Luckily they were each 50% off so it was almost like getting the second one for free!  At least that's what I'm telling myself :)

If you like the necklaces they still had several left, we got them at a place called Twiggs.  They had some really beautiful pieces. 

I'm off to have the nighttime sweet I budgeted into my daily calories, then to an early bed while trying not to get sucked into the finale of 24.  If I'm going to make it to the gym tomorrow morning, I need to be nighty-night by 9:00 p.m.  Gosh, remember the days when being a grownup meant you got to stay up late?  What happened to those days?  ;p

the CilleyGirl


  1. I went to Multnomah falls for my first time about a year ago. So Gorgeous! The brindge was open when we went...I freaked out going across lol

  2. BEAUTIFUL....Multnomah is just stunning at any time of year...and LOVE the necklaces! You also might like these:

    Can't wait to treat myself to one of those one day.

    Thanks for sharing the pics!

  3. I finally saw Mulnomah Falls for the first time when we were at The Edgefield earlier this month. I can't beleive I have lived in the NW my whole life and had never seen it. Really beautiful.
    I like those necklaces too!

  4. My favorite is Silver Falls State Park, south of here. Ten or so waterfalls -- nothing quite as dramatic individually as Multnomah Falls, but on the whole simply amazing. Can't believe Silver Falls used to be some farmer's back yard (until he donated the land later on in life).

  5. Jessie -- I hope you're still reading this; I went to comment on your blog but the comments were not working. Is that Silver Star that you hiked? It's beautiful! I did Silver Star several years ago (when I was really out of shape, it's quite the elevation gain) and just this past weekend my friend S and I were talking about making plans to do it again soon.