Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 1 Recap and the Return of Pee Butt

Week 1 Recap:
Starting weight - 194.4 lbs (highest in about two years)
Ending weight - 191.2 lbs
Difference -- 3.2 lbs lost!

While I still believe my scale is fucking with me, I am down 3.2 lbs in Week 1 of The Plan.  Yay! 

Week 1 went pretty well, except for having to postpone the exercise part of things to give my legs time to rest.  I've also got yet another sinus infection thanks to all the lovely pollen flying around.  My allergies are so bad at this moment that the sole of my foot keeps itching.  That's when I know it's serious. 

As I mentioned, I went wine tasting this weekend so I had that challenge to The Plan.  Well, technically I watched people taste wine.  I was the designated driver.  Now, if you did not know the Cilleyland area is full of wineries.  There's maybe a trillion or so.  As Oregon's wine industry has grown, it has become very commercial and on the whole just not as fun as it used to be even just five years ago when we would go hiking and then pull out the Thomas Guide to see which wineries were nearby.  Tastings were only a few dollars, or often times free, no purchase necessary.  Not so anymore.

However, it's not quite as bad yet in the eastern part of the state.  Since it was pouring in Portland we decided to head east towards (hopefully) drier skies to Hood River, about an hour away.   There we were delighted to find not only eventually blue sunny skies but long tasting lists with only a $5 tasting fee.  And in three out of the four wineries we went to, when they heard I was the des, offered me ice water or even soda.  That has never happened in any of the westside wineries.  Overall, I had maybe a third of a glass of wine. 

We also stopped for lunch at a place in Hood River called Big Horse Brew Pub.  The food is good but the beer is really good.  We opted for the sampler, which had nine brews.  Between a sip of each of the nine and then remainder of a 4 oz taster that I finished of my favorite of the beers, I had about 4 oz of beer total.  We did go for sushi that evening, which is where the calories really added up, so on the whole I was about 800 calories over my goal for that day.

For Week 1, my calorie goal was 1,850 per day.  With the higher Saturday calories I averaged 1,919 calories per day.  I burned an average of 2,060 calories per day.  I also averaged just over an hour of physical activity each day; I haven't determined exactly what triggers it to be physical activity.  I think it's just moving around at all. 

So, according to these stats I really shouldn't have lost any weight, which is why I believe my scale has a twisted sense of humor.  But I am happy with the loss, so the joke is on it :p   I definitely need to add in more exercise to keep this up.  I'm going to try running tomorrow to see how my legs feel, just something short and easy at the gym.  I should have some pics up soon of our wine tasting adventure as well as some cool necklaces I bought in Hood River.

How did your week sum up?  Happy to be starting a new one?

Almost forgot to mention Pee Butt!  Yes, my dog peed on me in her sleep last night.  No, I was not happy about that.  Corkage may be required.

the CilleyGirl


  1. WOW!!! That is an awesome loss! I would do the corkage too :)

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! Those are nice numbers for a week.
    The dog sleep-peeing is pretty funny. Maybe not as funny for you.

  3. Awesome results for the soon to be World Dominating Plan! You rock!

    Canine incontinence...not so much.

    Makes me glad to have a cat...that would be even more horrified/mortified than me if she had that sort of accident!

  4. The dog pee thing is funny in the abstract but yes, not so much when she's peeing on me. Actually -- and this is kind of weird -- I guess I don't mind the wet part so much as the smell. Like if my dog poured warm water on me, I could deal. (And I'd be rich with my talented dog!) But it's the smell that is the worse part. She did let herself out in the middle of the night last night, thankfully, but I did keep waking up and checking her butt to make sure she hadn't peed in the bed again.