Friday, May 21, 2010

I'd really rather not

I was planning this great post about my weekend plans, and then I watched the latest episode of Criminal Minds.  The one where the guy uses social networking sites and a "let me show you how much faster fiber optics would be" scam to stalk his female victims and plant cameras in their homes, then strangles them for a live internet audience and takes their bodies to a freezer where he hung them up on meat hooks so he could admire his work for forever.  Or until a power outage.

Okay, so I know the odds of all of that are slim but it does make you think.  But since I live in a place nobody can find without explicit directions from me and I try not to post explicit information about myself online and I live with two big dogs and weaponry, I feel confident enough.  I'm keeping my eye on all of you though.  Plus I may be a serial killer for all you know.  I do like knives.

Annnnnyhow.  Another more or less full weekend is on tap, what with putting a few hours in at the office and going wine tasting with my friend S on top of the usual groceries/laundry/smelly dog stuff.   I should probably do some yoga and some weights and maybe even some running in there as well.  Wow, now I'm tired just thinking about it. 

That could be from lack of food.  Sort of.  Okay, not really.  I have continued to stick to the nutritional portion of The Plan for the first week, with my daily calories right where I want them to be.  It's gotten a little harder as the week has progressed, particularly when I haven't been feeling well, but mostly it's just the difficulties of trying to settle into a new routine.  One one hand, I haven't made anything off limits, just certain trigger situations (I can not be trusted on my own at a drive through).  On the other hand, planning out all my meals starts to get to me pretty quick.  The first time I ever did anything like this, I would fantasize about going to a restaurant and ordering anything I wanted.  It was the Black Angus steak house commercials that got to me the most, the ones where for one low low price you got the appetizer, the entree, and the dessert.  I wanted all that so much.  It wasn't wanting to go over my calories, it was the freedom of choosing from a whole bunch of things to make up those calories at that time.  I could have all of that in a meal, in fact I did, but it just wasn't planned for that night or that week. 

In case you're wondering, I'm the designated driver for the wine tasting so I'm not actually drinking.   We've done this before; my friends will pay my way, feed me, etc., and I drive them around so they can get smashed.  If there's something my friend thinks I'd like or that is really good I'll have a sip of her wine but that's it.  We all have a great time, we stay safe, and I'm not drinking a few thousand calories.  I just have to watch out for the snacky food.  They always have snacky food.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

the CilleyGirl

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