Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 1, Day 1 of The Plan

Well, I've been on The Plan now for half of the day and I'm at about 822 calories for the day.  I haven't lost a single, solitary, measly ounce yet.  This plan sucks!  That's it!!  I quit!!!  If you need me, I'll be over here, up to my ears in the sushi trough.

Yeah.  Just kidding.

But isn't that how we all tend to feel on the first day of a new plan?  "Look at how well I'm doing, this is so easy, I must have lost weight already!"  And then you get on the scale.  And then you throw the scale out the window.  Where it smashes into the head of the most recent Jenny Craig spokesperson, killing her instantly. 

Okay.  Just kidding there too.

I did The Plan shopping yesterday and did so well I forgot to get the Reese's peanut butter cup I had intended to get.  I was going to eat that last night before The Plan started, but now (since it's TOM) I may have to budget one in for later this week anyhow.   My main challenge in shopping was trying to figure out my lunches.  I'm a little tired of deli meat sandwiches, and was into the PB&J I had last week.  But I didn't want to temp fate by doing PB&Js so early in The Plan.  I tend to put large quantities of peanut butter in my sandwiches and I'd rather not have an 800 calorie sandwich right now, thank you very much.   I thought about doing frozen lunches supplemented with veggies and fruit but those tend to have such high sodium for so few calories.  High sodium is also the danger with deli meats, particularly when I often opt for the pig.

I decided to splurge on a real turkey breast.  At least, at $15.00 it felt like a splurge compared to the $3.99 to $8.99 for which I could have gotten a pound of deli meat.   I did absolutely nothing to that sucker before popping it into the oven -- no spices, no oil on the skin, nada.  I found out a few hours later that not putting oil on the skin is a fabulous idea if you are prone to eating poultry skin, because this stuff came out like rawhide.  I was not tempted to nibble on the skin in the slightest as I ruthlessly stripped it off and stuff it down the garbage disposal.  I don't think even the garbage disposal liked it.

After suffering through my hacking at it with a knife (I'm usually much better at carving than this, don't know what was up with that), I had over two pounds of premium, hand-carved, juicy turkey breast.  My sandwich today was very tasty, and the meat clocked in at around 119 calories.  If I get tired of turkey sandwiches, I can use the meat in a salad or a wrap or just as it is with some mashed potatos and veggies. 

Overall The Plan is so far, so good.   I actually ate some breakfast at breakfast time and then had a pre-lunch snack before lunch.  I've got a pre-dinner snack ready to go and then it's home for dinner.

I lead such an exciting life, yes?

the CilleyGirl


  1. Way to keep on the plan! Enjoy your night :)

  2. one of *The Plan* almost done! You did better than me...2 quesadillas with gaucomole and sour cream...whoops ;o)
    And your day was MUCH more exciting than mine...I haven't left my apartment for days...thank god for home delivery ;o)
    Keep it up and soon someone will be throwing those scales at you (possibly me)

  3. Very exciting :) Way to go on the "plan"